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Project Undertaken Assignments The details of the various assignments that I have handled are listed here, in reverse chronological order. Atos India Pvt Ltd ndash Dec 2011 to till date Title Request Manager System RMS Duration December 2011 ndash Till date Position Software Engineer Client Proctor and Gamble PG North America Responsibilities High Level as well as Detailed Design Document Preparation. Interacted with the client for requirement gathering and identifying the gaps and resolving the gap issues. Involved in Coding ,Unit Test Cases Peer Review Involved in deployment, debugging testing and implementation of the System. Project RMS is software that is being used by PG to overcome the all the manual work that every day they used to do. Basically it is atomization of the existing tool and manual work. This has been done for three different locations Manila, New Castle, San Jose.In this software request creation happen in three ways first by using the InfoPath, second by Email, and third by SAP System. There are four types of user groups available, first Agent, Second Manager, Third Admin each having a different kind of privileges, Here there are three label of approval process for that we have used workflow once the request comes for the approval automatically a email goes to the approver, once he approve the request confirmation mail goes to the requestor who has requested for this. To assign the request one excel add-in tool is there called agent tool by using this tool the person who skill sets matching with the request can assign the request himself ,and once the request completed he can complete the request, and a automatic mail comes for this. Operating System Windows NT/2000 Languages/Technologies C.Net 2008, WCF 3.5, Team Explorer 2008,Sql Server 2005, Asp.Net 3.5 InfoPath 2007, Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 Work Location Atos India Pvt Ltd, Pune

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