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Great Laws of SEO to get higher ranking
When you recommend all the SEO Tactics, what are the chances of going up with traffic? if it does not then give the comment "NO" right now

1st Law of SEO - Brand Queries

Most of us don't know all about it when we think building lot and lots of backlink and other pieces of stuff which you got to do on page tactics, these are said by experts.

But the issue is when Google is focusing every stuff on your page, the future analysis of your page when they are not gonna perform well which is the foremost is brand queries

When you have a brand in your mind, which is a solution for your work and that is how you decide whether it is bad or good company depending upon the brand.

A brand is a foremost way of marketing your audience and how do you do it?

When your quality content is good and delivers it to your audience in all the way. Then definitely good site will not get out of junk. That's how people doping!

Do you wanna know the valuable information in your site?

Try to use "Google Trends“ where you can search your brand name verses with your competitors. Definitely, you will come to know how popular is your brand. This is a free tool given by Google to get to know how your brand is popular and reaching up or in the same place or getting down.

So you can set the goal of your brand because it is all about the higher you grow, the better your brand performs. Hence your brand ranking gonna get higher and higher.

For example, the greatest marketing expert, when he was not getting too many brand queries, he had on a tough time for the queued online marketing, where he doesn't want to build any extra link and also without changing his content, the moment his brand queries headed up and that's how he came up the top position for the term "Digital Marketing" and that's all the potential of brand queries.

2nd Law of SEO – User Experience

When you are done with the SEO it doesn't matter, when you have built a lot of links doesn't matter, when you have optimized your title tag and tested them with many tests it doesn't matter when you have awesome content it doesn't matter. It is all regarding when your user experience is not well then the thing is all that you have to go well with user experience, because when your audience visits your website and they bounce back when they don't find the required information on your site, so you can't rank well for the long run.

All the things are a matter for Google Search. Google compares all the site with the searched term on Google. Your site will appear on top position. It does not matter if you have optimized your site or you haven't. If the audiences are not happy with the User Experience on your site, then you cannot perform well. Hence don't just have kinds of stuff regarding SEO, optimized site, backlinks or good content but also you must offer good quality product and services to your customer and that is how you grab the attention for user experience. People like Apple, Sony, Samsung and many companies which have performed well not because of the SEO because they have performed with the best user experience for their audience.

3rd Law of SEO - Practice SEO with new technologies condition

This is what I was trying to say “adapting your site with new technologies condition and how?

According to Google Survey in 2020 – 2021 major search result will be with voice search, yet many of you don’t care to learn about them or study about it if you fail to update with the technology and the changes that are appearing. Then you will fail to perform in the long stretch and don’t just stop with voice search and also find new technologies which are up to date.

SO just follow these 3 Laws of SEO to reach the top position on Google Search Term, if you don’t follow these laws then you are not gonna perform well in the long stretch.
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