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Biography of Dr Madhumati Varma

Dr (Assistant Professor) Madhumati Varma is Indian, unmarried, medical doctor, research scholar. She was born on 22 December 1958 in Khargoan, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Her father, Dr L.T. Varma, is reputed, respected, successful medical professional, mother late Laxmi Varma was a very intelligent housewife and has a pretty sister Miss Pushpa is professional Artist.

Dr Madhumati Varma have been working with the Ministry of health, Mozambique as Consultant Internist and Diabetologist since 2005 and part time Assistant professor of medicine in Unio Lurio, Faculty of medical science since 2009.

She is a research scholar, Phd (3rd year) from Texila American University, South America affiliated University of Central Nicaragua (UCN), under supervision of Dr Sheilesh Lodha Endocrinologist, Jaipur. Dr Suresh Kumar, Diabetologist. (2014-present)

Her other achievements in education, Master (MD) in Internal Medicine (2015), MMsc Diabetologist (2014) with the same Texila American University, South America affiliated University of Central Nicaragua (UCN), MBA health care Administration Delhi University 2003, MD physician from Zaporozhye Medical College , Ukraina 1994.

She had done various academic thesis work and publication-
*Patiant satisfaction in Shanti Mukund Hospital during project work for getting MBA-HCA degree,
*Arrythmia during Hemodialysis by Holter monitoring for DNB (family Medicine)
*Diabetes Mellitus in OPD Hospital Central Nampula for MMsc Diabetology ,
*The evaluation of factors responsible for appeal to the medical board in central hospital Nampula for Internal Medicine
*The evaluation effect of education regarding Diabetes and its effects on controlling Diabetes in Central Hospital Nampula “for Phd
She has been published in various publications, among few -www.texilajournal.com/medicine/edition/25-volume2-issue2

Hobby learned Hindustan classical dance, kathak and music and given several performances in India and Russia her guru was Pandit Tirath Ram Azad.
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