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Anchoring, Communication Skills, Marketing Communication
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I am a student pursuing Bachelors of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication from Manipal University Jaipur. I have successfully completed 2 years of my 3 year Graduation Course.My purpose of pursuing the course was to bring a change in society with the help of Mass Media as a tool. Mass Media has the power of bringing a drastic change in the society.

In my 2 years I have learned deeply about the nature of Media and its role in the society how it differs in every situations. I gained knowledge regarding Print media,Digital media And New Media.
I have learned and made different projects like Short Film, Newspaper , Documentary ,Conducted Interviews , Magazine etc.

Apart from college I have worked really hard in improving my skills, Knowledge and experience by Volunteering and through Internships. From Volunteering in small scale event like JAIPUR YOUTH FESTIVAL to an international scale event like JAIPUR LITERATURE FESTIVAL. I always have tried to explore and try my capabilities
I further wait to grasp more opportunities that will help me grow my experiential knowledge , aptitude and skills.

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