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Avoiding Password Breaking Using Visual Verification Code
In the existing system eg,Bank System, users only require a username and password to login and get access into a website.Multiple user accounts can be easily created to gain access into the website.There is no authentication system that determines whether the user is a human being or an automated program that signs up for an account. Users with wrong intent can easily create multiple accounts through automated programs Once these fake accounts are created, the attacker can use them for malicious purposes like sending spam mail. In the proposed system, the user has to enter text as displayed in an image alongside the login section.If the text that is entered by the user does not match that in the image, the user will not be able to login into the website.There is an authentication process that helps to determine whether the user is a human user or an automated program.Since the text in the images is dynamically generated, it is difficult for automated programs to sign up for fake accounts.

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