Solapur, , India
Aptitude, Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering
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- Hands on experience on Distillation
- Hands on DCS System
- Production, production planning of each day
- process optimization and design
- Provide technical support for the plant operations
- Responsibilities of daily monitoring and troubleshooting of production areas, process optimization, design and development as well as modifications to existing units
- Work in a team environment with line operators and engineers to maintain and troubleshoot control system problems
- Preparation of PFD and P&ID
- Knowledge of Unit operations & process
- Knowledge of safety system in chemical industry.
- Have a good experience in petroleum(Bitumen) process and various grades of Emulsions
- Production, production planning of each day and process optimization.
- Recommend procedures to increase the economic efficiency of operations
- Also track emerging technology to help determine future control strategies

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