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Just Sitting and Thinking what should be my Topic for my Blog… I get a Idea to why not write about Mistakes That We Commit and After that the Insult we have to bear…

Are we GODS…??? Yes we all know there is no-one like God on this beautiful Earth , there is only one God … But still we expect that we should not make any mistake .. Are we Serious …??? Hows That possible… we are mere Humans and committing mistakes is our Nature … Yes but after committing mistakes we should heartily feel Sorry !!! This of course human nature includes.

Now-a-Days , I think there is in the air… that we commit mistakes but feel hesitate to say Sorry … Why ? By saying Sorry … Do we become Small ?

People commit mistakes and to hide that mistake in order to avoid Insult they commit another mistake . And Hence the Chain follows .

A Simple rule … If u commit mistake , accept it , say Sorry , and get free from the Guilt . Talk and Think sensibly … We are humans … Making Mistakes and Learning from it is Our nature … But making Mistakes and then Making Other Mistakes in order to hide our previous one is definitely not Human nature .

Learning From Mistakes Makes Man Stronger But Avoiding Mistakes For the fear of getting Insulted Is killing Our Strength .

In The End Only Have To Say … Accept Your Mistakes , Learn From It , Stand Up .

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