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CONFIDENCE what we called…is becoming a common word nowadays . Where ever we go we came to hear that she is having confidence hence she can do this . He is having confidence , he can get job any where. But do we try to think that from where they are getting this confidence . Does this comes by practicing or some have born with it only :-D . Actually it is not like that all. To gain confidence one must have knowledge about the stuff he or she is talking about or working in . Then with your right behavior right words right attitude , you can kill anyone with your confidence . My Mom use to say that to gain confidence u don’t need to practice to get it in your routine , you just have to grab the knowledge about the subject you are dealing with and then if you are disciplined you are doing your work at right time with right pace then there remain no gap between you and confidence … Like if you are going late to your office to your college getting scolded by your boss your teacher in front of others then this is definitely loosing your confidence, you are being tagged as irresponsible , lazy , in other’s eyes that’s not good for your image . And on the other hand if one is punctual , reaching his office on time and then getting praised by his boss his employees will definitely raised his/her confidence…

So just change your little habits that is by being punctual having kind humble behavior grabbing knowledge about each and every thing you are dealing with— Will definitely help you in raising your CONFIDENCE .

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