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I love you, mother!!
Mother of mine, you gave to me All of my life to do as I please. I owe everything I have to you Mother, sweet mother of mine... Mother of mine, when I was young You showed me the right way things have to be done. Without your love where would I be Mother, sweet mother of minehellip Mother you gave me happiness Much more than words can say. I pray to the lord that he may bless you Every night and every dayhellip Mother of mine, now I am grown And I can walk straight all on my own. I want to give you what you gave to me Mother, sweet mother of minehellip I learnt the above lines when I was a little kid, as part of a group song we performed in school. The only difference being, the word ldquomotherrdquo in the original poem was replaced with ldquoteacherrdquo to make it suitable to be sung on Teachersrsquo day. What sheer genius, I must say But when I learnt that the original lines were in praise of a mother, I looked again closely, only to find a beautiful expression of a childrsquos gratitude towards her mother. A little child may not have a sound vocabulary or a way with words to be able to express her love for her mother very articulately. But these lines clearly show how much love and respect a childrsquos heart contains for her mother. Whether they express it or not, and whether they may ever be able to own up to it or not, every child in this world indeed loves his/her mother the most. And today I want to tell my mother ndash I love you I may trouble you, disappoint you, give you a whole lot of tension and sorrow at times - but today I want to let you know Mom ndash I work hard and try to make you proud of me, always, because I love you and I want to see you smile, always. I may not be the best child in the world, but for me YOU ARE THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD. Yeah, that39s a happy little five-year-old me in the picture with my ever-so-beautiful mom. I remember vividly those times when I would come home crying when some kid hit me or someone39s mother scolded me for no fault of mine, and my mom, instead of going back to fight with them, would pacify me and tell me that I must fight for myself and not involve my parents like they do. It might have appeared cruel at that time, but this philosophy went a long way in teaching me to be self-sufficient and strong in life. Whenever I would fall down or hurt myself, which I did quite a lot, my mom would turn her face and pretend she didn39t notice. All I could do then was to get up, brush off my clothes and be on my way. That made me tough. My parents, in such unique but effective ways, brought me up to be self-reliant, adaptive and generous, shaping my character beautifully. My mom has been a constant guide and a pillar of support to me throughout my as-yet-short life. She stood by me when I erred and erred again. She has always tried to understand me, my moods, my mindset and my thoughts when I donrsquot wanna explain. She might not say it very often on my face, but I know she loves me a lot even more than my sister, I like to believe. I have been the rebellious one, the difficult one, and as she likes to point out often, the expensive one too. And yet, she has borne my moods, my tantrums and my growing-up so fantastically. The filmi kids very easily declare in interviews, ldquoAll I am today is because of my parentsrdquo, though it isn39t always the same feeling in their hearts. But as far as I am concerned, I can easily say today that whatever I am in life is an embodiment of what I39ve learnt through my years ndash from my lifersquos experiences, the people around me, and most of all, my mother. My temperament, my beliefs, ambitions and worldview are for the most part a reflection of hers. And I am proud of it. Every decision I have taken in my academic and professional life has been validated and encouraged by my mother. Even when I decided I wanted to be a freelance writer while pursuing my engineering degree, she could not see how I would be able to pull it off, and if it was even worth it. Yet she stood by me and let me have my way till I had satisfied my urge. The experiment turned out successful and here I am, a writer in the making, whereas up until 3 years ago I had big plans of doing my Masters in Engineering and going for academic research. To even think of it now makes me laugh out loud. I was immature and excited about life, but it was my mother who had the foresight and patience to let me dream and experiment with my life in order to find my true calling. I am greatly indebted to her for that, and a lot more. Mothers are so important. I wish every kid who thinks his/her mom is irritating, meddling, strict or plain bothersome, realized this sooner in life. Mothers are who give you life, shape you into someone the world would like to acknowledge. You are no one in this world if you donrsquot respect and love your mother. And if you have your motherrsquos support, there is nothing in life you cannot accomplish, take my word on that. So go up to your mother today, each one of you reading this, and tell her, in your very own way, that you love her. See the smile on her face, feel the love, and come back and tell me how it felt.
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