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Job Searching for Freshers made easier than ever!
According to the latest population census, a huge majority of the Indian population is in its youth, and with increasing educational opportunities and awareness in rural and urban areas, the Indian work scene is seeing an unprecedented increase in demand for job opportunities for the youth. Jobs are coming up very fast, but most often, fresh out of college graduates get lost in a horde of unreliable sources offering fraudulent jobs or jobs not worthy of a their true talent and skill set. Such freshers are usually misguided and end up doing more work for less than worthwhile wages, while not growing in any way either. Also, students freshly out of college do not have any experience of the industry and how it functions, and that acts as a deterrent to their ability to be hired. All of this is being addressed in a novel way by youth4work , a platform designed exclusively to provide young college students, freelancers and the talented youth of the country to showcase their talent on a global canvas, to prove their mettle and to win accolades for their work. Moreover, youth4work goes a step ahead and makes sure that these talented young individuals get duly paid, while also receive certificates validating their work, and get job and internship opportunities with good companies in the industry . The youth get to compete with the best of the minds in diverse fields such as photography, computer programming, blogging, content writing, communication skills etc to win themselves money, work experience certificates and further opportunities for paid work. What more could someone want, especially during college years, than to get recognition for their talents and get paid for it too Youth4work also provides an interface where you39ll find a great number of online tests in many different talent areas. You can take these tests to prove your talent and to improve your rankings amongst your peers in the same talent group. Your profile will then show up on talent boards here for companies to see. The better your rankings, more the chances of companies noticing your profile and offering you jobs. The tests can be taken here . Youth4work allows you to create a free profile on the website where all your talents, rankings and details are displayed. You are supposed to fill up your profile with relevant details about your interests, work experience, contact and career aim, and for best results, you should upload a latest updated Resume or CV on your profile too. It helps you to get noticed faster. Also on your dashboard, there are a number of tabs on the top. You can use the 39Find Project39 tab to find projects according to your talent. You can also search for jobs by specifying your preferred location and your talent here . Students can participate in projects to win recognition, experience and prizes by competing with other youth across different colleges throughout the world. College graduates can look for jobs suiting their capability and apply for them using their youth4work profile as a complete resume. You see, it is just that simple I have made my profile and already earning, you should go for it too.

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