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India is widely considered as a huge repository of talent. We as a people are a powerhouse of knowledge and skills, the only challenge to our worldwide domination being the effective channelization of this talent. Individuals do not know how, where and in what way to best use their talent in order to maximise its utilization and yield positive outcomes, both for themselves and for the society. Raw talent lies dormant in lakhs of people, most of all the Youth, unutilized, rotting. The urgent need of society is for the youth to wake up, realize their talent and put it to use in ways that would benefit them and the society. But where to find opportunities to showcase one39s talent and get noticed or hired Youth4work, where else The concept is very simple - make your profile on , update it with all your details highlighting your talents, experience and work expectations, and then find jobs and participate actively in projects of your interest on the portal to get maximum exposure to work ethics, your peers in the field, prospective employers and like-minded people who can guide and help you along the way. It is a great way to network with people within your talent areas as well as across different domains and cities. By participating in various projects on the portal, you get to showcase your talent and gain recognition for the same. An added benefit comes with the prize money that you win by proving your talent and winning projects . Being a freelance writer myself, I keep looking for new work opportunities, and youth4work has provided me with a whole lot of them. In my very first week here I participated in a content writing project and was declared the pre-qualifying winner soon after, thus being given a company recommendation, a work experience certificate expected and prize money as well . Further I got an opportunity to compete with other pre-qualifiers in the final competition, where my work will be judged on various criteria for a pretty big prize. I have been participating in other interesting projects as well, to keep sharpening my skills and diversifying my experience. I have been keeping a tab on my profile39s 39Popularity39 section too, and it is great to see so many companies and professionals visiting my profile and contacting me through messages. Finding jobs, internships and projects on youth4work is as easy as it gets. There are tabs titled 39Find Job39 and 39Find Project39 on the upper right corner of your profile, where you can find a comprehensive listing of all the job openings, project details and internship offers that are presently live. Or you can use this link to browse through different categories of projects. Choose the jobs that match your qualification, and apply for them through the given procedure. Or else choose live projects and work on them to improve your rankings and showcase your talent. The biggest advantage is that you need to work from the comfortable confines of your own home There are innumerable opportunities on youth4work especially for freelance and full-time content writers - with my experience, I can personally vouch for that

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