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A great format for Freshers' Resumes
We often have to run from pillar to post in search of the perfect format to use in making our resume or Curriculum Vitae CV. A resume is utmost necessary for freshers as well as professionals, as it gives a complete idea about your background, your skills, areas of expertise and work experience. Employers get to know you only through your resume in front of their eyes - why not make it awesome then Youth4work gives you a platform where you can create your profile in minutes, with no hassles and no need to search for resume formats everywhere. The format of the profile is just like a resume, only much more comprehensive and easy to customize. And once you39re done with the profile, it becomes your perfect resume, to be sent in to any number of prospective employers or companies for any number of posts relevant to your skills. As simple as that The process is easy. Register on and click on 39Create Profile39. Enter all the details about yourself in the best possible manner in the various fields that have been provided in the profile page, such as Career Aim, Education, Work, Extra-curricular activity etc. There are also provisions for uploading your picture, giving a brief description about yourself and uploading your conventional resume-document for ready reference. Once you are finished, save the changes and click on 39View Public Profile39. This is how your work profile will look to other people. For help, go through the sample resume here . Hover your mouse over the various sections in this resume - you will see pointers and tips on how to fill up the various fields and what benefit each one of them holds for you as a prospective employee. Once you have an idea of what to do, click on 39Create Profile39 and get started on making the perfect resume

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