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In today39s era of India, reservation depicted more issues especially when we talk about govt. jobs. People make disadvantage of this system and who comes under this quota are not also serious. However, India is a democratic country conssits 70-75 youth and ratio of literacy is aroud 80. Now the question is what if general category people will not get the job in India What will happen if you are providing job and education based on persentages with castism Currenlty, after PUC or 12th general category39s people have more than 80 not eligible for good colleges but the thing is minority people get the good admission even after 50. Let it be ok but they will get goverment job assurance not based on talent but based on one certificate. Although talent is there in minority people they are also very hardworking but if we compare the talent ratio between other cast and minority cast then it comes 45. Consider the emplyment scenario in goverment job. Today, almost 70 people are working in goverment branches and all are from reservation quota. If they are knowledgable enough for appropriate post then ok but almost 50 employers don39t aware about their duties regarding the job. They got the job even after they do not deserve for it at all. It39s all about criteria based emplyment. Reservation is a slow poision in India for young generation and it must be removed atleast in employment. You want to give money to backward people ,give it, you want to give free education then give it, you want to give accomodation facilities, give it but why you provide them job easily as compared to other categories Why you not look at skill levels when question comes for employment Even Dr. Ambedkar says that this reservation system is only for 15 years or may be less. This is what currently happen in Gujarat. The focus is not demanding of reservation the focus is to remove this poison which make our country weak day by day. India need skilled people and all are unemployed now. Reservation stops the growth of talent. Goverment should think about that otherwise all states will go for protest and it effects our current economy also.

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