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Meaning of Life
What is life?
These days people can't find the meaning of that term, because most of them have nothing to do with that word "life". That's because most of the people especially youngsters and teenagers are bored with today's generation.that means the technology is too advanced for them..that's is a huge generation gap between them and the generation just infront of them.that means 90's people enjoyed their life because they simply enjoyed their moments with friends and family.but now everyone is surfing the internet, especially social media because they don't actually accept the importance of the relation goals.Those who were born on 90's are even born on another millenium and even on another generation end.In short "Life "Means living the our life . Not just living but living through it by tasting or accepting or validating each and every people we know, through our eye not via mobile. People can find the meaning of life ,once they are willing to find their destiny.this is a small world for too many relationships..so make your contacts smaller so we can be touch with everyone..that's the simple way of living a life.

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