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PROJECT DTAILS PROJECT 1 WIMAX BTS INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING COMPANY GEMINI COMMUNICATION LTD. CLIENT TATA COMMUNICATIONS LTD. LOCATION ACROSS ODISHA 18 SITES PERIOD 4 MONTHS ROLE IC ENGINEER PROJECT DESCRIPTION 1st phase comprises of WIMAX BTS survey across 5 cities in odisha region. WIMAX STARMAX 4100 SERIES base station installation and commissioning. Pole mounting in BTS for antenna installation. Mechanical mounting of STARMAX 8100- 3.3G ODU. IF cable routing from ODU to IDU. GPS installation. IDU installation and commissioning. DCDB installation for power supply to indoor devices. Grounding of all devices with proper termination. Tilt measurement for the sectorial antennas. Cable loss calculation. Frequency allocation and IDU configuration. Throughput and interference measurement. Last mile E1 testing with BER meter. MROTEK 8E1 converter installation and commissioning. Installation report evaluation with clutter snaps and conducting AT. Analyzed SS signal detection/processing schemes PROJECT 2 WIMAX CUSTOMER SITE IMPLEMENTATION COMPANY GEMINI COMMUNICATION LTD CLIENT TATA COMMUNICATIONS LTD LOCATION WIMAX CITIES ACROSS ODISHA PERIOD 2009 TO TILL DATE ROLE ENGINEER PROJECT DESCRIPTION Completed 320 customer site installations around odisha. Customer premises survey and RFI. Telsima 2100 SS installation and Radwin 1000/2000 SS installation. SS provision with particular sector. RSSI and CINR calculation. WAN configuration. CISCO router configuration at customer site. Installation snaps sharing. PROJECT 3 WIMAX POINTMAX -10000 NETWORK IMPLEMENTATION COMPANY GEMINI COMMUNICATION LTD. CLIENT BSNL LOCATION ODISHA PERIOD 3 MONTHS ROLE COORDINATOR PROJECT DESCRIPTION Site survey planning and scheduling. Monitoring and control. Inspecting survey documentation. Identification of sites on priority with BSNL. Scheduling BTS installation. Coordinating with field team for BTS installation Conducting full capacity test and full load test. Conducting performance test and load test. Providing inputs such as digital maps, link budgets,antanna and filter inputs and traffic maps to BSNL Conducting throughput tests and providing maps to BSNL. Providing output report and snaps to BSNL. Scheduling handover and AT. PROJECT 4 OPTICAL FIBER NETWORK IMPLEMENTATION COMPANY GEMINI COMMUNICATION LTD. CLIENT VSNL TATA COMMUNICATION LTD LOCATION BHUBANESWAR, ODISHA PERIOD 4 MONTHS ROLE TRANSMISSION ENGINEER IC PROJECT DESCRIPTION Route survey of fiber cable for ISP network. Fiber cable layout and planning. Planning fiber layout of MAN network for customer. Conducting Duct Integrity Test DIT process. Supervising Automated and Manual Trenching, Ducting and Blowing. Installation and commissioning of FMS and MUX at customer site. E1 tracing and testing. End to End link testing and optical link loss budgeting. Performing AT and handover of ckt. PROJECT 5 BTS SURVEY AND INSTALLATION COMPANY TNT TELEPHONE NETWORK TECHNOLOGY CLIENT RELIANCE LOCATION ODISHA PERIOD 4 MONTHS ROLE RF ENGINEER PROJECT DESCRIPTION BTS cell site survey. Conducting RFI. Preparing documents like Site Layout, TSSR Technical site survey report, SIC-FORM, CAM-FORM etc. Installation of Alcatel A9100 BTS in various configurations like 2/2/2/, 4/4/4/, 6/6/6. Installation Commissioning of IDU in 10 11 Configuration. TESTING TOOLS Spectrum Analyzer HP B.E.R Meter TREND COMMUNICATION VSWR MeterBIRD Optical Variable Attenuator ACTERNA Optical Power MeterModel-DVP-2002A OTDR MeterAgilent Communication

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