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The objective and scope of my project Toll Plaza Payment System is to record the details various activities of user. Our team proposed android Toll Payment System provides an interface with the necessary details to pay the toll along with an area to enter the vehicle number in which the user is travelling in. The user can select any tollgate that he wants to pay for and can fill in the requirements and proceed for an online payment of the toll tax. After a successful payment user gets a payment acceptance message on his display specifying the amount of toll tax that he had paid along with the details like his vehicle number, the type of journey and the vehicle type as specified by the user.
This system enables the toll collector with an ease to allow the user to pass the tollgate without his/her actual payment of the toll tax on the spot by just cross checking the details in his database and the vehicle details in front of him .Thereby avoiding the risk of the user to carry cash along with him and saving the time of the toll collector to process an each toll tax.

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