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Trapped in a dingy cell, the soul grasps for some light. The light of hope that will heal the dilapidated heart. But there is darkness everywhere. Everything feels veiled with despair until there comes a door. The door to death. Beyond that it will all end- the depression will end. Depression! This word has taken more lives than any other weapon. Almost every day there is news of someone committing suicide because of depression. It has become more of a phenomenon rather than just a word. Now, what pushes a person to a stage where ending life seems easier than living it?
Life is full of ups and downs. But sometimes the ‘downs’ are just too ‘deep’. It seems like a bog which sucks our soul to its depth. Depression can happen to anyone in any form. Be it someone entering the crazy teen phase or to an adult who has already lived half his life. Be it heartbreaks or a failure in career or someone’s death, all leads to immense sadness and ultimately to depression. Losing someone you love can be the greatest of the pains. It feels like a part of our soul is lost that we can never retrieve back. We feel dead inside. It breaks our heart and pushes us to a phase where the world seems distant and we feel marooned in a prison with no doors. Even career failures and family problems give us the pain which is very hard to bear.

How to Overcome Depression?
There can be many reasons of depression. Instead of viewing life as sadistic, we should perceive it as a roller-coaster ride full of adventures. We are so much focused on the negative aspect of it that we fail to see the whimsical and magical charm of it. If life would have been easy and happy-go-lucky kind, we could have never known the true meaning of it. The essence of living would have been lost. In every stage it gives us lessons in the form of pain. Rather than drowning ourselves in our own tears, we should find ways of overcoming it and emerging out stronger than before, because there is no great teacher than life itself. We should have courage and determination to face every form of pain that life gives us.
Depression is dangerous. Coming out of it requires a lot of strength but death is never a solution to any problem. There would always be someone who would care for us, whom we can rely upon to share our feeling. And trust me, talking is all one needs to feel better. Even if there is no one, be the hero of your story. In the end, we are the protagonist of our life. And be it a movie or life, the protagonist should win. No sadness is eternal. Life just goes on. Even the troubles of life never last forever. All we can do is to help ourselves and our near and dears to break out of the cage of depression. No life is worth dying due to this demon and everyone has a right to a happy life.

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