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uuml Currently associated with M/S Signage Systems India as a Purchase Manager since Aug. 2012 Signage Systems India, manufacturing different types of Signage, facility Board, Clip-on Lit Signe Board, Flex other type of modern signage. It also deals in corrian. It has 5 units in all over India including Plant also. uuml I was associated with M/S Goyal MG Gass Pvt. Ltd as a Sr. Purchase Executive since Aug. 2010 to Sept. 2012. Goyal MG Gass Pvt. Ltd manufacturing different types of Gas, like Helium, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, special gas for Medical use and many more at all over In India. It has 24 units in all over India including Plant also. uuml I was associated with M/S Focus Energy Limited as a Sr. Purchase Executive for the period of 7 frac12 years since Feb 2003 to Sept. 2010. Focus Energy Limited is an independent oil and gas Exploration and Development Company With 4 blocks in India. Focus Energy holds PSC to explore and develop on land and offshore oil and gas properties in India. uuml Independently handle the project ability to complete the project within given time period. uuml Order execution from banging requirement till the final payments. uuml Resourceful at maintaining business relationship with vendors to achieve quality Product and service norms and thereby resolving issues. uuml Expertise in direct reaching of the product with knowledge of vender competitor moves market analysis. uuml Demonstrated abilities in strong Relationship Management Communication Skills. JOB PROFILE uuml Deal in various goods like. uuml 1 MECHANICAL gt Chiller Unit, Heat Exchanger, Tube Bunch Assembly with Shell, MS -SS Pipe, SS ndash MS Pipe Fittings, Special white metal Bearing, Vacuum Pump, Stuffing Box, Section Discharge Valve, Butterfly valve, Flange Machinery Spare-Part Oil, Tools, Chemicals, Etc. uuml 2 ELECTRICAL gt HT LT Panel, OLTC, Pneumatic Actuator, RTD With Thermo well, RTD Probe, Pressure Gauge, Pressure Switch, Cooling Tower, Vibro-meter, fuse, Instrument-Signal cable Power Cable Tube light fitting Etc, uuml 3 CONSTRUCTION gt Brick, sand, Cement, Concrete, Bar, MS - SS -GI Sheet, Motor-Shutter, Collapsible door, Stone, Marbles, Glasses, Plumbing Items, Welding Machine - Rod, Safety Items, Catering, Paints, Fibber Polymer, Flooring, Carpenterrsquos Items, Wooden items. Etc. uuml Purchase Order processing for structural and construction materials as Mild steels, carbon steels. Stainless steels aluminium, brass copper, chemicals used in civil work centenary pipe fittings and all for above mentioned items. uuml Frequent discussions and work-out for Pricing, Taxation, Discounts, Insurance and Freight Charge to raise purchase order. uuml Handling various requirements of docs monitoring overall project operations for ensuring timely Supplies of material. uuml Developing long-term partnerships with suppliers managing day-to-day supplier performance to ensure meeting of service, cost, delivery and quality norms. uuml Tracking to transporters for their services and having continues communication with them get our material deliveries improved. uuml Responsible to deal for all commercial documents as Invoices road Permits, and Bank Certificates etc. uuml Making of MIS reports as Orders Processing, Order in hand, Collation in a Month, Daily orders, Daily Dispatches and Invoices etc. uuml Follow up the Quarries and Mails of our vendors for material dispatch and delivery. uuml Make the bilty, STA and other documents for dispatch the truck to towards the rig site and also watch the activity of supply chain .

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