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Sub: Cover Letter – Electronics & Comm. Engg(B.Tech)

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing in response to your job notification for the position of Electronics Engineer in core field company.

I am a BTech in Electronics and communication with an aggregate of 82% marks.

- I have worked in Telecom sector as a RF/site Engg,- BTS installation,Microwave Link,DT,BTS survey etc.
- I also have a good knowledge of Electronics subject, basic C, Matlab and Microprocessor system.
- I did a 11 months exp from core Pvt. Ltd.
- I made controller based RF remote to manage electronics appliance

Some of my personal qualities which you may find useful role are

- Good team worker.
- Adaptable to any kind of environment and can work under pressure.
- Good analytical skill.
I am looking forward Electronics field company at any where for improvement my knowledge and skill.
Please find my detailed in CV for job regarding Should you need any more details, please do let me know.

Thanking You

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