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XAT Entrance Exam 2
Conducted by the famous XLRI, Jamshedpur in order to ensure that the best and the most shining students for management are selected for its next program, XAT entrance exams are worth the effort for students eyeing a bright career in management. More than a hundred thousand students appear in the XAT entrance exams to try their luck and make it to the most preferred and desired management institute of their choice. However, it should be kept in mind that these exams are not a cakewalk hence exploring the strategy for a successful attempt and following result makes sense. Let us explore all about the process of application, suggested websites and some of the best colleges that you can look upto. Top Colleges under XAT Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad It is one of the 10 best Indian business schools that you will come across. With a track record of almost 100 placements each year, it also promises one of the best infrastructures in the country. Among the private B-schools, it is among the top 5 in the management education section. MICA, Ahmedabad Best option for management students focusing on a program based on media and communications. With excellent campus, facilities and decent partnership with plenty of other universities across the nation, they promise 100 placements. Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar, Bhubaneswar An institute well accredited by NBA and approved by the AICTEit is one of the best when it comes to education and training in management. They also promise good faculty, infrastructure, teaching methodology and technology. It is a great choice to consider. Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Nungambakkam, Chennai An institute that is one of the best in management and approved by AICTE. Focus of the management program is on training with professional and leadership abilities. Experienced faculty and amazing placement record is a plus. ICFAI Business School, Donthanapally, and Hyderabad Good track record of the placements, excellent faculty and infrastructure is a plus with this institution. It has got its re-accreditation by SAQS. How to apply Register with XAT online and after you are registered, you can access through your unique ID and password. You must keep logging in from time to time in order to ensure that you have got a safe access to your unique account. Also, changing your password often makes sense and is seen as something that keeps you away from the online hackers. You will need to upload your own passport sized photo and scanned signature before updating your education details after which you can pay through banks online. Get the confirmed registration page printed and save a copy. Lastly, send that confirmation page before the last date to the XAT office. Finally, you can download the admit card online. Official Website Related Links http// http// XAT with TESTfunda Candidates can also prepare with the help of where they can view the relevant study material in both the online and print formats. It offers all India mocks, theory materials, combo packages, skill builders, rank boosters, test centre and supplements. If you can have a look at the previous year question papers, it would become easy for you to improve your results and you can comfortably score beyond your cut off marks. You only need to be a graduate from any recognized university, if you are into your final year, you can apply too. Trying your luck through one of the toughest exams to get enrolled into an excellent management program can be worth your time and effort.

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