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Which is the most preferred Course MBA or an Executive MBA Program?
The corporate sector is fast evolving and so are the needs and the requirement. Way of doing things is also changing very rapidly, therefore it becomes even more important to train and guide the student while they are studying so that they are able to adjust to the change and are able to apply all their knowledge when they happen to pursue a job. Because of these changes there have been some changes in the modern MBA program as well. It might be a modern approach to the prevailing MBA program, but it has some advantage over it. It is known as the Executive MBA program. Both the courses have been very much in demand and require almost similar admission standards. The curriculum followed is also same to a large extent. What is different is the approach, the way the knowledge is imparted and delivered. Following are some of the similarities and dissimilarities of both the programs. In case of a regular or a traditional MBA the students generally make a choice of their majors among 18 subjects. They also make a choice of individual majors. It has been seen that around 30 students opt for a dual specialization and very few go in for a single specialization. Whereas in case of an executive MBA, students are not compelled to take a major, but at the same time if they wish to, its up to them. However, electives are to be chosen which may be chosen in keeping in mind their past experience in the corporate sector. There is a major difference between both these programs when we take into consideration the Global experience. As in case of a regular MBA the students have an option to study abroad, which deepen the idea of dual specialization. They also have an option of selecting from the Global modular course, Consulting Practicum and Immersion program, however, on the other hand, when we talk about an executive MBA there is a need of at least 1 week global experience. This is made mandatory as it enhances their outcome after the program ends. One of the major differences in both these programs is that in case of a regular MBA you are not required to apply for any company support, however in case of an executive MBA it is mandatory to submit a copy of company endorsement or a no objection certificate of time away from work. The biggest advantage of going in for an executive MBA is that it adds on to your knowledge and you can expect a raise in your current salary and also a promotion, however, it may involve a lot of time and money, therefore many people often think twice before enrolling for one. The biggest advantage of going in for a regular MBA is that you can complete your studies in one go and aim for a higher salary and a better job right at the beginning of your career. However the biggest disadvantage of a regular MBA is that you might take some wrong decisions due to lack of experience.

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