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Scope of MBA in Finance
A degree in finance will enable a candidate to handle the financial transactions of a company efficiently and effectively. People with an MBA degree in finance will find jobs in large corporations, investment banking, managing private equity, raising venture capitals, and can also get employment in financial consulting services. Moreover, eligible candidates can find opportunities both in Public as well as private sector enterprises. An MBA in finance will prepare students to help organizations to manage their finances effectively. Unlike CAs, MBA finance professionals are more into management field doing study of market economics, investment strategies, raising capital and its effective utilisation. An MBA in finance offers a plethora of career opportunities as compared to that of other accounting degrees, as it includes various aspects of accounting and managing finance like investments, securities, business, banking and risk management. Being a financial manager a candidate will oversee financial reports which help the company with decision making, business development, strategic planning, and alliance management. MBA finance professionals assess feasibility of business projects according to funds available. Explore strategies to raise money and plan new areas for investment. Due to their good reasoning ability with problem solving skill, MBA finance candidates have the capability to make and implement correct financial decisions that would benefit the company to position itself in the market. The accounting manager is focused more on financial reporting, while the financial manager is focused on strategy and money management. Cash management strategies developed and implemented by the financial analysts help the company to grow efficiently and allow for maximum profitability in its investments. An MBA with a concentration in Finance is a degree which focuses towards the financial sector with extensive learning of subjects like Costing, Budgeting, International Finance, Corporate Finance, working Capital management, securities and investments etc. These subjects will give you an insight how financial planning needs to be incorporated along with the understanding of company revenue channels depending on which you will have to chart out a plan for utilising its funds wisely. With changing times companies are facing problems which are new to its financial territories, and hence they require recruiting people who can help them tackling these challenges of modern times. They should be able to understand market dynamics and its financial trends, and should be in a position to take decisions quickly. Hence someone who holds a degree in MBA finance has an advantage over someone who is an ordinary MBA. All in all, the career of an MBA with finance as a specialization can expect a good career graph with a good remuneration and perks. However, just before you take the final leap one must also consider the challenges of financial markets. With economies around the world are slogging and financial markets wobbling one must be very cautious while taking up an assignment with any company. One must also think about his/her career 5-10 years down the line and its future demand in the market. Nevertheless, an MBA in financial domain is lucrative and one must prepare for the same with rigour and for a prosperous career.

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