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Pursuing MBA in Biotechnology from India
The field of biotechnology is developing at faster pace even than IT industry, soon it would not be a surprise to find more demand of biotechnology related courses than IT ones. Indian biotech industry is on a constant growth path, creating hundreds of jobs every year. Indian government and business organizations are lending their support to transfer the biotechnology techniques from lab to market. Thus management professionals having technology background can very well inter-relate biotech concepts and commerce at international levels. Besides above data remarkable increase in the number of start-up companies in this area has been seen in the last six years. As far as share of biotech business region wise is concerned, 40 percent of the business generated is by companies headquartered in the West, South accounts for 38 percent of the business, and the rest is by companies located in the North. There are more than 20 biotech parks currently operational in India with more in pipeline. It will further strengthen its RD activities and product quality. Good revenue and profits from the industry and assistance from the government has facilitated in opening these parks. In past 6 years, India has seen noteworthy rise in the start-up companies in biotechnology. At present around 20 biotech parks are functional in India, more numbers would be added in near future. The business growth in this particular sector is around 30-40 annually. This sector is further strengthening product quality and RD activities. There is good amount of revenue generation and profits. The demand of trained management professionals in biotechnology is on the rise. MBA in biotechnology MBA aspirants who want to do something different and have inclination towards this field can pursue MBA in biotechnology is a new discipline offering managerial training in biotech specialization. Trained professionals can thus play role of an entrepreneur, practice management and extract commercial utilization from biotech industry. Biotech managers also take account of social, economic and ethical issues as the outcome of technology is applied for advancement of mankind. MBA in India in biotechnology can be pursued from some well-known universities that have global recognition. Few Names of B-schools for MBA in Biotechnology 1. Amity Institute of Biotechnology Noida, Uttar Pradesh 2. Captain Awadhesh Pratap Singh University Rewa, Madhya Pradesh 3. Bharti Vidyapeeth University Pune, Maharashtra 4. Nimbus School of Technology Management Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 5. Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Development Pune, Maharashtra 6. Gurukul Institute of Management and Technology Delhi 7. Punjab University Chandigarh 8. Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth Pune, Maharashtra 9. Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab 10. Shoolini University Solan, Himachal Pradesh Here are some names of well-known B-schools in India offering MBA program degree in biotechnology. Salary package for MBA professionals in biotechnology is higher for students who have background of B.E./B.Tech as they also possess the technical know-how. This sector is becoming prominent in providing employment to thousands of trained and skilled professionals. If you want to study something different and pursue career in biotechnology, than MBA in biotechnology is the perfect choice.

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