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What Next after CAT?
After months of hardwork and sleepless nights CAT exam is finally over, the result is going to come now what to do to put the time and energy to the best use If you already had the job then these are the viable options for you - Return back to your job with similar enthusiasm as before the CAT and bring out results. Put in your best foot forward and prove that you are best in your team. - Utilize the time to learn some useful business concepts and get yourself prepared for MBA program degree. You can learn basic marketing, finance, etc. - Gain understanding about the business concepts and how they can be applied for the benefit of your company. Know the company positioning, product/service lines, core value proposition, main competitors, key clients, etc. - You can use this time after CAT to discover the post MBA work scene within your company and look for roles that interests you. Find out the key responsibilities for those roles, skills needed to excel in those roles and key persons whom you can see as role model for that job roles. In case you do not have a job then - If you were associated with some industry, but now want to explore fresh, then this could prove to be a golden chance for your career life. If you want to do something different then try your hand at non-traditional industries like education, real estate, etc. - As you have already stepped into study mode, joining any short-term course of any skill learning for a new industry can be also an option after CAT. Another option to do after CAT is to prepare for the Group Discussion and Personal Interview GDPI. There are some common questions that are going to come in GDPI, so prepare well in advance if you seek admission in MBA College in India - Tell us something about yourself. - Why you want to pursue MBA program degree. - What are your future plans - What does your present company do - Your role in the company. Though these questions may seem simple, but they can make you pass your entire GDPI. Prepare well in advance for how you want to answer them, write it down and practice so that you can respond confidently at the time of GDPI. If you have got your CAT score then its time to act to get admission in MBA College in India. Getting admission in top B-school is a competitive process. Carry out a step-by-step process that can simplify your choices. When the admission procedure in B-schools starts, its important to choose the right MBA program degree and fill in the application. If you have done proper self-assessment and have clear goals then the going would be smoother. Getting admission in right B-school would make your dream to do MBA in India would become a reality. Factors to be considered while choosing B-schools are- B-schools that accept CAT scores, cut-off percentile, fee structure, placements, B-school ranking, faculty and course curriculum. These are some things that can be done after CAT.

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