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One Year Online MBA
The popularity of one year online MBA comes under the scanner when one considers the fact that these programs are mostly accredited by regional universities and not by any recognized accreditation bodies like EQUIS or AMBA. However, these one year programs are still pursued by candidates because of their flexible study options along with facility to complete it within a short duration. Though it may appear to lure the students with lower cost as compared to a full-time MBA, one needs to consider the disadvantages of the same. Being a business student, one needs to consider the benefits of the one-year option, as well as the drawbacks, which include fewer networking opportunities, the potential loss of a summer internshipoften the key to landing a full-time joband deep immersion in individual subjects. Most of the experts feel that it takes at least seven or eight months to learn the fundamentals of business, such as strategy, marketing and finance, and another year to gain literacy in those areas. So given a period of one year is too short to perceive that a student pursuing the same will have proficiency in these aspects. It is noteworthy that students those who enrol for a one year MBA program on the basis of cost cutting will also have a job which brings a less amounts of benefits. Two-year MBAs from the class of 2011 reported median starting salaries of 85,000, but that figure was 73,203 for those graduating from one-year programs, according to a report from the Graduate Management Admission Council. While 86 of two-year M.B.A. graduates reported being employed after graduation, 75 of those in one-year programs did. Moreover, a one-year option holds significant value for some students with a predefined objective to fulfil in ones career path. Administrators say it can be a good fit for those with strong work experience and a clear career path. A one-year program may suit someone who wants to shift from finance to strategy within the same company or stay in marketing but at a different firm. Back at home, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and Great Lakes, Chennai offer a one year MBA with great values one may find valuable. These one year programs are designed in a manner that people with work experience can apply their learning in a real time situation. These MBA programs are industry focused and have great placements. For instance, graduates of ISB usually get a 200 hike in their pre-MBA salary. But when it comes to a one year online MBA, courses offered may vary from institute to institute and sometimes may be designed for a specific industry focus. This, however, will shrink the opportunities for a candidate after coming to the job market. So, unless one knows specifically why one is taking up the one year online program it wont fetch the desired RoI. In conclusion, if a one year MBA happens to be the traditional or flag ship MBA program of a B school, then it is as good as any 2 year MBA program, and is definitely worth the investment. However, if a B school offers a one year MBA program, in addition to a 2 year MBA program, then go through the placement data carefully before applying. And one must give it a serious thought before enrolling for other MBA programs like a one year online program.

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