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Top 5 MBA Specializations in India
Masters in Business Administration or MBA involves a study program that arms the students with in depth knowledge of the basic concepts of business which are management, economics, finance, marketing and sales and human resources management. To be eligible for MBA, one has to be a graduate with a very high score as the admission process is very competitive. It is beneficial for the student if he has done a course related to business aspects but it is not necessary. It is not advisable to go in for MBA studies directly after graduation as the student will not have the required practical experience. There are very few colleges and universities which offer admission into MBA after graduation. They ask for minimum two years working experience after graduation so that the students are better equipped to understand the curriculum. Every educational institution offers its own range of MBA specializations. The purpose of this degree is to help the student get a job of his choice and to improve his future prospects. So the student should choose his college carefully. Some jobs like that of an estate agent and a business owner do not need an MBA degree. But if the student wants to improve his or her chances of getting a better managerial post in the company where they are already working, an MBA degree in the suitable stream is the answer. In India, students mostly prefer these streams for getting an MBA degree 1. MBA in Finance This degree teaches the students to do financial assessments of a company by analyzing its stock prices. This will help the company owner to decide when he can invest in the stock market or when he needs to sell the assets of the company. The students will be taught to assess the previous and current value of money so that they can help the company owners make an educated decision about when to make investments. With an MBA degree in Finance, one can get a job as a Management Consultant, Credit Manager, Cash Manager, Banker, Insurance Manager and even as a Chief Financial Officer or CFO of a company. 2. MBA in Marketing - In this stream, students will learn how to formulate strategies for marketing of the companys products. This includes analyzing the target group and the product vis--vis the market trends as also assessing the competition offered by rival companies. It includes deciding how the product will be presented and priced in the market and promoted by the use of electronic and print media. You can work as a Brand Manager, Sales Manager, Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Regional Manager, Chief Marketing Officer CMO and even as the CEO of the company. 3. MBA in Human Resources HR The Management of Human Resources deals with the functioning of the employees of the company. The task of a Human Resource Manager is to recruit employees, make sure that they are properly trained, analyze their performance and generate regular appraisals and handle all aspects related to their work. The better the performance of the employees, the better the HR manager is judged to be at his or her work. Students should have good interpersonal skills. They can work in the field of human resource development. 4. MBA in Operations This degree offers the students the chance to work in the field of management of materials and the supply chain, inventory control, quality control and production planning for smooth conduct of business. It requires technical knowledge of the production, sales and distribution of the product and good negotiation skills. The students can work as Plant Manager and Chief Operating Officer or as consultants to companies. Mostly, candidates with a background in engineering opt for this stream as they have the required technical knowledge. 5. MBA in Information Technology IT It has increasingly become one of the more popular streams of choice among students opting for an MBA degree. For a person who has done graduation in IT or is a software engineer, this degree offers the opti

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