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Importance of Work Experience in MBA Profile Evaluation
Age is nothing but a number which can be perceived in different manners by the admission panel while it comes to evaluate a candidates profile for an MBA program. It is important to understand how to set your application strategy for MBA in India. Understanding this and creating a strategy that properly cater to the general perception of young candidates and the specific perception of your profile will set you on your way during profile evaluation. Most admission consultants and consulting companies offer a profile evaluation service to applicants. How it helps The purpose of a profile evaluation is to understand whether you meet the standard requirements for admission to an MBA programme. Some of these requirements are self-explanatory, but others are more complicated such as measuring your leadership potential, considering your work experience, your career progression, etc. In case you are not certain about which institutes you should apply for an MBA in India, an expert will help you to decide that. Your destination will depend on your profile as well as your development and career preference. Profile evaluation helps you decide on which calibre of schools to apply in order to have realistic chances for admission. This will ensure that you develop the right strategy for effective preparation and realistic goals for the best MBA or Masters programmes in the country. Types of profile evaluation There are different types of profile evaluation an automatic one and an interactive one. During interactive evaluation you can represent facts and work experience listed in your CV/resume in a better way. Details are important for the interpretation of facts. Some business schools also offer the option of a preliminary profile evaluation of prospective applicants. You have to submit your CV/resume in advance. Profile evaluation done by a business school is a better way to understand whether your candidature is a perfect match specific to that school. In this approach, importance of work experience will have a greater value as most B-schools prefer students with previous work experience than candidates who do not have any. However, this may come with certain consequences. The admission officers may encourage or discourage you to apply for admission to the school in question, but this will be done solely on the basis of the CV/resume which you submit. If this document is not informative or focused enough, the results may go against your candidature. So, it is more efficient to plan for a school after you have some initial advice from an independent MBA admissions expert. Ideally, you should have also tailored your CV to an MBA application resume which you will send to the school for evaluation. The MBA resume differs from a job resume and you first need to understand how admission officers interpret it what are the key elements they consider and why. You should also mention the traits most likely to impress the panel during profile evaluation. Importance of professional experience may reflect leadership skills, maturity and clarity of goals which the admission panel wants to know while shortlisting your profile. Through profile evaluation you need to ascertain your application strategy that bears the desired fruit. Highlighting your work experience during your profile evaluation is of utmost importance and should not be missed.

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