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Role of Communication Skills in GD
An effective communication is the key to a successful group discussion GD. You might know the facts and figures well but inability to communicate precisely might put you in danger. Its not only important to know the topic but is also equally important to express your views precisely in a GD. The way you communicate your ideas has to be very impressive for you to live up to the expectations of the deciding authorities. It wont be an exaggeration if we say that effective communication is the backbone of a successful group discussion. Translating your thoughts into words and expressing them in front of a group is an art you need to master through regular mock GDs. Careful selection of words and speaking clearly makes all the difference. Using slangs and informal words is strictly prohibited instead you need to make use of a few corporate jargons if possible in order to make an impression. This will give you an upper hand over your peers. Keeping a positive attitude will help you break the ice with other participants. If you get to start, take the initiative by greeting all other participants and never forget to make eye contact. This will place you in an authoritative position and will also help build trust level. If someone makes a valid point, do mention it and go further explaining why you think the point is valid. One more aspect that makes your group discussion remarkably successful is your voice modulation. You need to speak clearly and your pitch should be audible to everyone. Moreover, a commanding voice will show your confidence on that topic. But that does not give you the liberty to shout at the top of your voice what it means is a voice that is firm without being foul. It should be polite and soft but convincing. You need to understand that communication skills are extremely essential in todays competitive environment. A good communicator should be able to receive information as sent. Good communication skills play a role in GD in the following ways Can show you are an active listener Helps to clearly express your ideas Helps to exchange your ideas Avoids professional glitches in the discussion Helps to avoid misunderstandings Helps to negotiate on various issues Adds a lot of value to your opinion about the topic Can grab attention of the evaluators Shows that you are stable, level headed, confident and quite well aware of the arguments However, one needs to remember the fact that there is no quick way to improve your communication skills. Improvement comes in a consistent manner. Effective communication and persuasive skills will certainly improve your performance in a GD. You can attend some communication and personality development sessions to brush up your language skills and boost up your confidence. Listening is a virtue and implementing the skill in a real time situation like in a GD is an art you need to excel at. Choosing appropriate language to express yourself is important. Learn to use simple, straightforward and direct language to express your opinion. Non-verbal clues are even more effective than the verbal communication. Make sure you remain positive and optimistic during the session. Positive attitude cant be acquired overnight. You need to work hard for it. Listening intently, looking at the speaker, maintaining eye-contact, leaning a bit forward are some non -verbal clues that show that you care and value their opinion. Practising a few mock GDs will improve your confidence and this will make you understand the dynamics of a group while discussing over a topic.

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