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Definition of a Winner in a Nutshell
This is my First Blog Post for Youth4Work - A Platform for youngsters who have the zeal and enthusiasm to think out of the box and innovate. Browsing throught the million texts and notes about winners and champions, this is what i think a winner really has or what he/she really is Winning, in my opinion, is a psychological feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction by a person in themselves.It is a feeling that is far beyond, recieveing rewards,recognition or some high seniority status.It helps in instilling confidence and further encourages us to focus in a more better way and extend our approach towards completion of tasks with higher spirits and enthusiasm. A winner dosen39t always have to win a title or a position to define itself.It39s always the heart and spirit of the person that leads into the making of a true winner in life. So, in a nutshell, A Person who has the spirit to fight back and the courgage to accept his/her defeat, cause you just can39t win em all, is a Winner. So what is the defining quality of a Winner The Attitude A Winning Attitude is what sets the chain of motion in control and lets you sail smoothly across the tyrannous journey of hardships and difficulties towards the victory lap.Faith is one39s self is also an important deciding factor of a winning personality. So keep learning,keep moving ahead and always remember ... When Life Knock39s You Down ... Just Get Back Up and Don39t You Ever Think of Backing Down This is Aqs Malhotra, A Blogger and A Super Movie and Gaming Buff, concluding his First Blog Post for Y4W and is very happy to win the pre-qualifying round in Freelance Hollywood Movie Article Writing and hope to put in best efforts for the Final Round. Your Views and Comments about the Blog Post are most welcome

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