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Employment History

Jan 2015 till date

Position : QC Supervisor
Project : Kingdom Tower (World’s Tallest)
Client : Jeddah Economic Company Ltd
Company : Inma Utilities Contracting Co.
Address : Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Job Responsibilities:

• To manage QC Inspectors on daily basis.
• To prepare the Daily QC report as per contract.
• Assist QA/QC manager in preparation of ITP’s, Check lists, Method Statements, Procedures and formats.
• To coordinate with the Site Engineers where required to solve the quality issues.
• To ensure effective inspection/testing carried out by the QC Inspector/QC Technicians as per the latest approved documents such as ITP, drawings, method statements, specifications, PQP, QC procedures, submittals etc...
• To ensure Quality records/documents as required by the contract are maintained.
• To assist QC Inspectors in order to resolve the quality related problems on site.
• To ensure all testing and inspection are carried out and approved prior to covering up.
• To issue Non Conformance Report when necessary and to follow up for its agreed disposition in order to close out the NCR.
• To manage QC staff and issues efficiently and effectively wherever Quality matters are concerned.
• To develop mutual understanding related to the QA/QC system, QC inspections, administration of the system etc. with the Construction Engineers.
• To ensure proper coordination with approved Independent Laboratories to carry out the tests and proper reporting of the same.
• To ensure all tests/inspection reports are submitted to the Engineer in time as per the specifications/ITP.
• Daily meetings with the QC Manager to discuss QA/QC related matters.
• Weekly meetings with the, QC staff related to QC matters and problems to be resolved, and review the effectiveness and improvement in Quality Control of the activity.
• To review Quality control report on a weekly basis and distribute it to all concerned.
• To ensure healthy and productive environment is developed during interaction with the other departments.
• To Conduct training sessions/meetings regarding Quality system and documents implementation on this project, Such as PQP,ITP,NCR,Quality Procedures etc..
• Forward the non-Conformities and observations to the Sub Contractors/Manufacturer for corrective action.

June 2013 to Dec 2014

Position : Sr.Mechanical QC Inspector
Project : King Abdul Aziz International Airport
Company : Inma Utilities Contracting Co.
Address : Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Job Responsibilities:

• Liaise /coordinate with the QC Supervisor and the construction team regarding the QC Inspections in line with the daily RFI Inspection and Testing Schedule.
• To arrange and ensure the availability of all the relevant latest approved documents needed for Inspection at the work point ,E.g; RFI,Daily Inspection and Testing Schedule, approved drawings, method statement, manufacturer technical sheets,ITP etc…
• To ensure stamp superseded all obsolete/ supersede documents/remove from site and maintain latest documents register at site office. No ‘C’ or ‘R’ status document to be used on site.
• To coordinate with Construction team and QC Inspectors until the inspection is carried out by the Consultant Engineer.
• To ensure the Site engineer, Consultant engineer and QC inspectors are available on site for inspection at agreed timings.
• To arrange all tests/inspection reports and submit to the Engineer in time as per the specification and ITP.
• To arrange off site inspections are managed properly when required.
• To ensure and arrange proper and effective coordination is developed with the Consultant Engineer related to inspections and Quality control. The progress/work should not be jeopardized by misunderstanding/lack of coordination.
• Attend daily meetings with the QC Manager/Supervisor to discuss QA/QC related matters.
• To prepare Quality Control report on weekly basis and distribute to all concerned.
• To organize and carry out training/awareness sessions where required regarding Quality issues/Quality procedures (Quality System, PQP, ITP, ITP, Checklists, NCR, etc.)
• Follow up with site engineers on all technical aspects i.e.; Work method statements, sequence, testing and commissioning of all mechanical related works.
• Review & recommend all necessary sub-contractors Mechanical & Plumbing Services submissions & method statements.
• Implement and control Identification and traceability procedures.
• Control of Non conformance and corrective as well as preventive action and also focus assessment for probable quality losses.
• Co-ordinate the efforts of all parties involved in the project, which include the architects, consultants, contractors and sub-contractors.

May 2010 to Oct 2012

Position : QC Mechanical Inspector.
Project : King Saud University for Girls.
Company : Saudi Binladin Group
Address : Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Job Responsibilities:

• Carry out instructions and decisions as per Quality Control standards in compliance with the requirements of execution of projects assigned.
• Preparation and follow up on major NCRs and their close outs. Follow up on
Corrective & preventive actions.
• Ensure Site Engineers follow Quality Procedures and Standards during the installation of structural,Piping,Static/Rotary Equipment’s, HVAC Equipment’s and HVAC Controls, Duct works, Plumbing, Chilled water piping, Fire Fighting, testing commissioning.
• Ensure the use of calibrated Inspection, Measuring and Testing Instruments.
• Check the quality of the materials whether it is according to the standard, client Approval and project requirement.
• Conducting final visual and dimensional inspection as per Inspection Test plan, codes, standards and drawings.
• Conducting through stage-wise inspection during Installation as per procedures / codes as well as alignment & assembly of equipment at site during installation.
• Stage wise inspection of welding. (Fit up, root pass, Final weld, Visual Inspection & NDT) as per approved WPS, Codes and Standards.
• Note the Corrosion, Painting, pitting & welding defects etc.
• Preparation of Test Packages & witnessing hydro/pneumatic tests.
• Reviewing Quality Inspection and Test Plan as per project specifications
And requirements.
• Ensuring implementation of subcontractor Quality Plans throughout the Projects.
• Monitor sub-contractor work to ensure quality of work is as per standard and schedule, and implement measures if delays are detected or foreseen.
• Performing Quality Planning / organizing and checking of work progress and schedule to meet the deadlines / target dates.
• Responsible for the successful execution of the project according to design and standard until final handover to the main contractor or Client.
• Coordinate with other engineers related to the project.
• Regularly attend site meetings, Prepare and submit the project programme, Update the project status to the QA/QC manager.
• Prepare QC documentation, weekly and monthly reports.

Feb 2007 to Apr 2009
Position : Mechanical Site Engineer
Project : Residential & Central Processing Facilities (Saudi Aramco), Khurais.
Company : Al Qahtani Fisk Electric and Telephone Co
Address : Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Job Responsibilities:

• To provide and coordinate for all technical information required for the project.
• Preparation of shop drawings in coordination with Engineering Dept.
• Estimate the material required, preparing of MTO, procure and monitor the status of materials requisition.
• Supervise and monitor the site labor force and Supervisors, monitoring the work of subcontractors to complete the work as per contract specifications.
• Coordinating with other site engineers on all technical aspects i.e. work methods, sequence, testing and commissioning.

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