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Aptitude, Mobile Communication, Project Management
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• Program / Project Management & Governance (PMO), Managing Service Delivery SLA.
• Embedded product development (M2M), Enterprise applications development, Technical Team Lead.
• IT Leadership – Form & groom highly effective & successful software development & QA teams.
• Client Relations, business solutions, architecture design, New Product Development (NPD), DevOps, SaaS.
• Quality Control, designing software test strategies, processes and metric measurements, ATDD.
• Negotiations, Conflict Resolution, Crisis management, Problem Solving skills, L3 Engg Support.
• Escalation management, L3 Engineering Support, Design & Code review.
• Client/Staff Training, Impart Technology Transfer. Hiring & talent retention, Coaching & Mentoring,
• Design & Requirement Mgmt with FDD, HLDD, LLDD, ADD, SRS. Risk Management, Metrics management,
• Strategic Planning, Budget, profitability, revenue, margins, ROI and utilization.
• Business development, "add-on" sales opportunities, Adapt to emerging technologies.
• People Management, Team Building, motivating & managing Virtual Cross Functional Teams.
• Change Management, Engineering best practices, Continuous Innovation & Improvement.

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