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Next in importance to freedom and justice is popular education, without which neither freedom nor justice can be permanently maintained. James A Garfield If you ask me, then slowly and steadily my belief from all these great words said by the legends, is failing and sinking down. Of course, your opinion might be a bit different from mine, but seeing the current scenario of my country I feel sorry for all my friends out there who had a zillion dreams to achieve but failed to do so due to the commercialization and privatization of education in India. Dont you think that apart from the well known three basic necessities in life, that, in India are popularly known as , i.e Food, Clothing and Shelter, even Education is a necessity What are we expecting out of the young Indians when education has become more of a money making business How does India plan to develop and prosper Here, I have seen many cases where people who had a will to study and become self-reliant had to give up on their aspirations simply because they couldnt afford the hefty amounts that the elite and famous institutions of India charge. I wont take names of course I was shocked to know that many of such private institutes who proclaim to make your future bright and blah blah blah have a separate quota where they admit students on the basis of the donations that they get. So easy for the rich no Now what about those, who genuinely have an interest to study, to make it big in life, who are facing hardships everyday Well, they should give up, go back and adjust to whatever they are being served because books, study material and being mentored under the great professors costs a fortune Ill tell you my story. I graduated from Delhi University and being born and brought up in a middle class family in Delhi, I couldnt even think of pursuing my Masters through a regular programme. So I made up my mind to go the Distance Learning way. Now, fortunately my maternal uncle, who also happens to be a dean in a big reputed university in United States, offered me a fellowship in his university. Condition was that I had to score above 600 in my GMAT and above 90 in TOEFL. Let me tell you I have always been a topper in English since school and college, so cracking TOEFL wasnt a big deal, right But wait, I couldnt even sit for my TOEFL exam. Reason Passport I had applied for my passport in October 2012, so going by the common notion, my passport should have arrived within 2 weeks, or maximum a month. But no, it would be quite shocking for you to know that there is no word from the Passport Department even till now The Police verification took forever to be completed and till now there is no word from them so far. I had to get my GMAT date rescheduled 4 times, keeping some margin, expecting my passport to arrive within that time. If you do not know, then each time you get your date rescheduled, you are charged 50 that is INR 2500 INR. Each GMAT test costs INR 14,000. The TOEFL test costs INR 9000. So, this all went waste. I eventually had to drop my plans for going abroad. All those rosy dreams got shattered within few days. Thanks to the great Indian bureaucracy I am not the only one who suffered through this, but there are many more out there who might have faced even worse than this. If education was within the reach of the common man, which actually should then today people like me and many more wouldnt have to struggle everyday to plan out their futures. There still is time for improvement. Better be it now, or the whole country will perish soon.....

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