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We all dream or must have dreamt of adorning those Ferragamo shades, striding in Jimmy Choo39s, brandishing a Rolex or simply hanging an LV on our arm. Well, for those money-minting beings, this ain39t a big deal but definitely for us, proletarians, this definitely might sound a fortune. But have you ever wondered how do these top notch brands maintain their luxe-o-meter Or put simply, what does it take to become a luxury brand Well, here I39ll tell you some amazing and unknown facts worth knowing about these splendid names you come across often in your lives these your dreams Louis Vuitton LV Louis Vuitton happens to burn its unsold/leftover goods every year This is simply because the affluent brand doesn39t want to lose its worth and the luxury tag. Now how does it make sense I39ll tell you. If the unsold/leftover goods are kept out for sale, then the goods will have to be put at a lower price, which obviously, as we all know, ain39t LV39s style This is done way back since its inception as a luxury fashion brand. So all the high-end shopaholics, if you are ever wondering when will you get the chance to grab an LV in the sale season, then there39s a bad news for you. LV doesn39t put its pieces on sale sob sob Wait Here39s another shocker.... Do you know, 99 of the LV39s in the world are fake Hell, no So, where do we get a genuine LV I doubt now even the LV boutiques are selling the genuine ones or not Who cares... I can39t afford one, so why fret Rolex An ordinary watch and Rolex had an argument once for who39s more worthy and valuable. So the ordinary watch asked, quotWhat39s the difference between me and you. You are a watch, am too. You show time time, I do too. Then why this difference in valueRolex said, quotyou tell the time to a person and I tell the time of a personquot No doubt, Rolex is one of the most sought after brand, synonymous to the phrase quotLuxury Watchesquot. But how did it get there What makes it one of the most exorbitantly priced watches in the World Read ahead Rolex Watches have a misconception associated to them of being handmade. This is a myth. Rolex watches are not handmade but are in fact mass-produced by machines that are patented properties of Rolex that make around quotOne Million Watchesquot per year I wonder are there a million buyers too uh... Am sure there must be. Second shocker. The exorbitance that a Rolex carries to itself was nowhere close to this until the 198039s. Rolex was just another watchmaker. It was when a class of young, wealthy people began buying flashy, blingy stuff to flaunt their wealth. Rolex then grabbed the opportunity, innovated new designs and selling techniques and made heads turn towards it. When the upscale market demanded more of Rolex, its then when the name bought a gilded cover to it Now that39s some great mind-work, techniques and a hell lot of good luck that Rolex had. ldquoHorologies D Excellencerdquo meaning ldquowatch making of excellencequot is where the Rolex got its name from. Also, this name could be easily fitted onto the dial of the watch and was anytime easy to pronounce in any language. Smart Hermegraves Hermegraves does not use assembly lines Only onecrafts-person who may have been employed by the company for decades, makes a single handbag at a time, hand-stitching individual pieces with linen thread and using an awl. One bag might require 18 to 24 hours to produce.Customers may currently wait from six months to one year for delivery of one of the house signature bags. That39s worth it Hermegraves39 leathers come from all over the world.Incidentally, if an Hermegraves39 leather good requires repair, the owner can bring the item to any Hermegraves store, where it will be shipped to the Atelier Hermegraves in Pantin, near Paris, for repair or reconditioning. How can I forget the Birkin dreaming These are just 3 cases that I have enlisted here. There are many as such which I might soon post. But now, we know why these names have an air of opulence, plush and splendor to them. Luxury justified. Well, I guess its time to get back napping and dream about these, for reality, there39s still a long way to go..... sob sob

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