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Do you want to kill yourself just for an exam?
Scoring well in an exam is every student's fear. It may be a school exam, a university exam or a competitive exam. Sometimes the stress students feel before exam or after result makes them to commit suicide.
Thoughts comes to your mind
Students often fears what others would say. Most of us think of how our parents will react. How we will face our relatives? A school student think of how he will repeat a class with his junior fellows. A job aspirant thinks of how he would wait for one more year.
Tips to avoid such thoughts
1.The stress phenomenon happens with every student so never think that you are the only one. Even the toppers face this fear of failing an exam.
2. If you ever feel like to kill yourself just for an examination just sit down. Don't think anything.
3. What i always do is to take a long sleep as much as i can. Because you won't do anything fruitful either with such thoughts in your mind.
4. If you don't wanna talk to anyone, then just don't. Just be quiet.
5. Cry if you want. Crying reduces the stress.
6. Talk to yourself. What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of what other would say? Then it would be so unjust with you if you kill yourself. They won't be happy if you die too.
7. You want to sacrifice your life, your happiness just for those who always have something to say in every situation.
8. It's okay if you don't clear an exam. It's okay if you have lost all the self confidence and you started thinking that you are good for nothing. It happens with everyone.
9. Think about those beggers who literally have nothing. Why are they alive? Why don't they commit suicide?
10. Think about your dreams, your fantasies. You had decided to do a lot more in your life.
11. Take a break. Make yourself strong enough to believe in yourself and do what makes you happy.

I have heard somewhere that if things goes according to your plan it's good but if they don't then it's best because it's God's plan for you.

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