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(1) (Prestige Kebab)

This is the takeaway food order App for Prestige Kebab House of 77 James Street Northbridge Western Australia 6103.



Know your position and estimated wait time in the app. Bookings, no problem. Provide instant feedback to the business so they can make it right in real time. Order through the app for your favorite business, get driving directions and Valet service.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (MyHooba - Uncovering events in London)
MyHooba is the new event app, social network for London. It allows users access to explore and discover the coolest events that the city has to offer.
------------------------------------------------ Selfie: Funny Superimpose Photobomb Cats!)

Take hilarious selfies with funny animals!

Animal Selfie is a fun, quick and simple way to take selfies with funny animals. With an extremely simple interface, it

------------------------------------------------ (one Viwer app)

OneViewer is an easy and fast News Search app!
------------------------------------------------ a Taxi - )

????? This app means you can instantly find a taxi - whenever you need it. Wherever you are in the world! ?????
------------------------------------------------ (Tattoo Share)

Take the guesswork out of choosing your tattoo picture. Reshape your body with tattoo designs for men & tattoo designs for women ( Totally new concept for the tattoo world) Create the illusion with design, colour & shapes to reshape your body, enhance your muscles, slim & tone your body features or simply just make sure you have the right tattoo pics for you.


Turtle Topper

Good Luck. Only the the best will be able to set a Hi-Score on Turtle Topper!
Hint:Tap the arrow quickly to go straight.
Take screenshots of your hi-scores and post them to our twitter page.

By MiniStore
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Android Apps :'>

Zigle--Zigle is the new way of sending picture messages to your friends and family, simply snap a pic, write your message, turn it in to a puzzle and send it out to be fun fun .

My Live Android Apps:-- ( social media) ( Education app) ( its an pic sending app, by which we can send a message in pics in form of a puzzle) ( food ordering app ) ( camera app) ( lock app) ( sports app) (My Hooba app) (Free Music app) - Group Messaging (
Flick Cash - Make Money App) Reaction)


Globalsts App is a social Networking app in this we can make friends and chat with them , we can create group and chat with group friends. In this App a user can add ,edit and delete posts regarding to News, Jobs, Car posts , Lorry posts. For adding these posts users have to create company. By using those companies user can post anything like car , jobs etc. Company owner can add users in the company who can also post on behalf of company owner. User can search car , jobs , lorry etc. User can create their own teams and can fix matches with other teams and also fix Football Matches.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (AuGuest)

This is an Ecommerce App

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Preme App


This app is for car rental app.

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