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Translation has already been defined in different ways by many literary translation theorists.Simply put its a transference of meaning from one language to another.
Anyway, such transferences carry some traits of the particular language which consits of some set of sign and sense etc, then there happens an effort of recreation in another culture
The word culture, though the institution is universal but different in the way it operates, has many differences in every individual societal circumstances and every individual's contexts as well. No two culture is same so that matters in coming to the point of translation.
How can we make an effective translation but they say full equlance of two text is poles apart. Beause sometimes what is appropriate in one language won't work in some other in any chance. Hence there happened some recent studies in the translation studies along with the recent transformations that already happened in the author-text- reader trio.

So there changed the basic principles where one needn't resort to the traditional way of translation. But it wasn't that recent because Dryden had already been put forward three major "options" ( types of translation ) when it comes to the matter of translations , namely Metaphase ( word for word translation ) Paraphrase ( sense for sense translation ) and Imitation. ( abandons text and chooses what the translator sees fit to the situation )

So the point is that we have got to be flexible while we are engaging in the processing of translation thereby we are catering the actual want of readers. That's is, it should be a process of the finding the equivalent set of structure of the source text in the target text. A cultural transformation is badly needed there where it shouldn't be sacrificed for the stylistic concerns. So give preference to the meaning then by a twist of a flexible operation on both language, there will be a successful ending for sure.

Significance Of Translation.

Translation helped the world, which were actually existed in a dispersed form, to get to know each other and acted as a magical glue where it made the world a conglomerate fraternity. It played a crucial role in the overlapping of different cultural patterns where knowledge pervaded like anything in to both sides of the lines.

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