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Jonathan was my star of that evening walk and his inspiring words made goosebumps and I didn't see any sights of that days' walk because I was already getting lost in his soothing words.

Later, I was busy searching Jonathon Patric on Facebook to be friend with him ...Incredibly he and his family appeared at the reception entrance from nowhere. I stood up suddenly and his colleague said..

" nothing ..just came to see it"

"okay sir " I smiled. Two ladies accompanied him, probably one will be his wife, with all gorgeous smiles. Suddenly Jonathan appeared from behind and he gave me a thumbs up sign ..saying..

" are you ok " ?

I wondered at the coincidence there because the computer monitor also showed his smiling photo with his passport details. I'd been searching with it before his unexpected arrival, to ensure his right spelling.

"yes sir ..I'm fine .."
I replayed him with all smiles. He was the only guest for today's evening walk. He was also there for the last days evening walks and while walking we talked all about my literature dreams and my humble thoughts over the literature world.

" only me... "? he raised his eyebrows after finding him all alone on that days' walk and decided to quit the plan but at my insistence he admitted to come along.

" least you can get some fresh air out there, ok let's go and I can also hear your literature dreams anyway , can't I ?"
He laughed tapping his hands on my shoulders. Yesterday on the way to the Dolmens cemetery, with that huge group, he showed up from the group to talk to me and we discussed about the beautiful world of literature.....

Last Day walk ...some notes:

( The last day evening walk story ended in a gloomy note though cause in the last minute as we were about to return, an American couple showed their interest in visiting the biggest dolmen monument out there. It was a little farther from the down hill so we three climbed the hill for it.

Other people seemed so impatient, the long delays and I begged them my apologies.
Again I found Mr. Jonathon there, as hearing my millions of apologies he said...

" not a problem ..anyway it's an evening walk, no ? he smiled.

It didn't end there cause the prolonged impatience reflected in their brisk walks.They were far gone by the time when I reached hotel with my American couple. That Americans were so nice and flexible compared to those busy UK world and on the way that American lady talked about her place MONTANA....

"Montana?...Oh Mam ..I read a novel based on Montana ....oh God ....It's on the tip of my tongue ...I's Women In Montana or something.."
"I see ..." she seemed so interested in my novel explanations....

" Yes mam it's about a strong lady Jovlin masters or something I don't remember her name exactly. she is a strong lady who goes through some severe trails of life."

As I was explaining her I Googled the novel and finally I found its real name. It was "Montana Women" by Rosanna Bittner.
When I showed them the story their face expression seemed , they had never been in to that....

"Oh I see" When I asked her about England she asked me in return about my favourite American city. I said its Newyork.

"Newyork ..! the big city , you know one thing in Montana during the winter every hills will be covered with snow."
She pointed at an electric post and said,
" see that post ,and see something written on it ? with that height "

"I see, okay Mam..then how do you protect your vegetation from the snow ? do you provide them any green house ?...

" mm.yes we often do that and for some we cover them with dry leaves , in this height" she gestured the height with her hands " so thats how we protect our small plants.
so the talk ended after sometime ,we all part for our worlds leaving her smiles with her for good.

So the walk with Jonathon went on up to the dolmens' hill. Cool breeze invited us with all coolest musings

"beautiful, yeah its nice ...." Jonathon was really enjoying the entire journey. I saw him taking deep breaths ,closing his eyes ,with all deepest feelings. His all embracing smile was very touching.

"you know something its only ten miles to reach Lord Byrons' home from ours' "

''oh I see" I was answering all his questions like a robot .

"Sir we had a guest from Stratford last week and he told us about Shakespeare."

"Aha...We often go to the Globe to see his plays. At Stratford we went to the theatre and saw his plays."

"Stratford ?'s a countryside right sir ? "

"Yes , Its a beautiful place on the banks of river Avon .Now a days its a tourist destination only just because of Shakespeare"

After Shakespeare I started explaining him about my challenges in becoming a lecture but his soothing words still echo in my ears ...

"Be confident " the last words of Jonathon and we depart for good.

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