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When I have American guests for the walks I usually become super excited because I love the way they think and act and their view points never hurt anyone's feeling. They spontaneously express themselves and consequently I became a fan of American culture by the end of evey single interactions.
Today I got two American guests for the morning walk and it was a splendid walk anyway.We talked everything under the sun, deviating from the naturalist's thoughts that I was supposed to think with them, in that time.

At first I thought they were English but actually they were Americans. Cause we usually have English guests but rarely Americans "What a nice looking couples they were, especially American Couples " I thought as we were climbing down the Spice tree hills...He had a moustache which is a common matter for all the South Indian men. Anyway that one gave him a proud look and a special charm kind manliness. He was very quiet from the beginning but later he was there in all our heated conversations. We humbly discussed about , Feminism , American Politics , Trumb , Everlasting Winter season in America ,their stay in Rajastan and much more.

" To be frank ...I wouldn't say this to you ..but..we are actually fed up with Indian Rajastan we had all gravy kind food ...uh...every time ...oh was terrible.." He said as we waited for the vehicle.

" How about here at Spice tree sir ?.."

" wow , Its so good and last night we had some roasted food items ..vegetables and much more. "

" okay.." I smiled as I turned towaïrd the road to check the cabs' arrival. I was actually puzzled at this rare kind names that's given by the hotel authorities to some food items. Chicken Tikka ...Bhatura...and so on. Actually such things were there but it was all new to me.

At the Labours' cottage ,we talked about the party union back up for the needy in every adverse situatuons and the talk lead to the American Political affairs. Though I was not good in Political affairs, but out of some curiosity, I decided to ask some questions on American life.

"How could you do such thing to Hilary Clinton ? Actually what happened sir ? ...during that time we all thought that she would win ..even the exit poll kind things sang the song along the same too...but in the end everything turned upside down."

"Oh that was true but at the same time she didn't work well ...I mean the campaign. She thought she would win and no need of any biggy campaigns but it costed her a lot" Lynn , the American lady asserted.

" I see " I smiled at her and turned toward John Meyer

" Actually sir all the local and national newspapers reported that it's all about patriarchal domination and that reflected there." I said .

" uhh....that's not true actually" Lynn was all in defensive mood, favouring Trump.

" What did he say " John asked Lynn .Sometimes my feeble sound wasn't loud enough for John and at all times he saught help from Lynn.

" He says it was the anti women attitude that we Americans went for Trump"

" Oh , " John continued " Actually it was somewhat right but not really but her husband was like Obama , comes and say some thing but She was not a good politician though."

"She had some e mail controversies " Lynn said.

"Okay do you support feminism madam...."

"I do....cause it's all matters there...but in a positive way" She smiled gently

"You know our home she is the head and I am second sex there" John laughed loudly as he made this point ,tapping on my shoulders. Anyway he cut jokes although the way and next laughing was all about the Yoga stuffs.
"This morning" John continued " while we were attending the Yoga session , some yelled loudly as the Yoga mastèr helped them for better stretch and's like ...Ahhh...Yoo...
oh dear it's very funny." We laughed together without any limits .....

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