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Have you guys ever experienced a bad interview day of a student and a job seeker ! who was cheated by someone badly !!

I have a friend and we can call him Mathew for now. He was an innocent fellow and we used to share our thoughts during off days regarding our terrible present times. Interestingly, he used to explain things as a commentary and though it's somewhat boring I was all ears to his speeches. Because he used to say things as it's happening at The time of speaking.
The setting of this story is in a famous university in Tamil Nadu.

(some excerpts from our conversation)

You know ! I was silently mad at that that interview pannel. They actually made me rude but I controlled everything for something that has a good story to be made out of my tolerance.

The Professor seemed playing mock epic stuffs with my turn where I lost answers to his questions. He was keep talking blah blahs with his colluage, its a kind of gossiping or something. He took long irritable minutes with every candidates, frankly actually not interviewing them but gossiping before them. When I "look back in anger" I saw a big procession of candidates. M Phil English got fans there where other courses' interview tables found fewer candidates. Mphil Malayalam table seemed like a dilapidated island.

"Okay so here I drop my Mphil dreams. Let it be a memory"
I thought as I neared my hometown. I got down at there and stood in front of that Bakery , vaguely watching out to the noisy road. I found many Tamils roaming here and there. The commotions of its busy times. I was actually dying with my headache.

"Oh dear what am I going to do here more stable jobs by now. So what to do ?..."My thoughts started shrinking as the day started to near the end and I felt somewhat dizziness that blurred my vision.

Phone rang and it was almost evening. At that time I was standing in his ten cents of barren orchard which had given to my Amma as a dowary gift.pullerw curiously read the number that appeared on my phone and it was
It was my previous employer of a reputed educational institution.

"Hello are you ? "
"Hello sir I am good "

"okay are you ready to go to Kannur?

"ok sir I am okay with it"

"so then okay ,you just contact another sir he will inform you about the accommodation and other matters there. So be ready and you can join there "

That was another piller of that institution and the fact was I had never been talked to him.May be one time but hardly remember when it was.

Okay anyway I am moving on, I decided to move on cause I had to obey them and hardly found any options before me. I took the bus and it's almost a nine hour journey from home. I was so tired and on the way I tried to contact a person whose number was given by him It was all about Accomadations thus I was keep calling him although the journey. I tried to find his line but we couldn't speak each other properly. Everytime I found him unclear at the other end and it seemed a never ending interference.

It was midnight when I got down at the streets of Kannur. The thoughts of political killings flashed across my mind cause by then Kannur was became a town of cold blooded sensational political killings and other atrocities. The town seemed so dilapidated and scary.

Now a lodging cause I hadn't reached my school yet. Miles to go but no more buses by then. I didn't have that much money to afford for even a 500 bucks room cause I had to be frugal till I reached the salary day. I had diplored before him for a transaction but he denied. Later my Amma borrowed some money from our neighbour to meet my expense of Malabar trip.

He was ..... a cunning fox and very unkind to me when I demanded my salary. I explained my situations but it didn't move him. He was keep telling that I had to wait for the cluster meeting. Okay.....cause I had no other option.
I remembered my starting days with them. His English was an admirable matter for me. I didn't support others bad opinion about him but today all proved me wrong. I was always wrong at my first impressions. Cause I was all bad in judging people. Yes I was., as always.

" Oh dear...How sad "
I then started to sympathise with him and Its like as if I was watching a cinema. It was indeed a sad note. But today he is in a good position but what makes me sad is that Still he is unstoppable in saying things in such a fashion.

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