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Thuglaqs' Karnad Version: An Analysis.

How does the Indian historical play 'Thuglaq ' by Girish Karnad can be related to the present political scenario, or with that of every political matters. ?
Does it have such explanation ?. Apparently it's all about the critical analysis based on political facts where one needs to pay close attention to the minute details of Thuglaq and relate the incidents to every present end politics.

They said its all about Nehruvian Political matters? don't know exactly. But what the underling theme is that , someone ,a ruler precisely, starts his/her reign with some biggy plans, with great idealiam and ends up in a disastrous note. Does it have any relationship with Nehru age? Because every summery link on Google,regarding the play Thuglaq, explicitly or implicitly say such.

But actually its not good to blame his great era of politics by juxtaposing it with them but it's an allegory of every political stuffs where anarchy rules the roost. If such anarchaic content was there in his reign, then we cannot complain. There in the play we see Sulthan Tguglaq's contrives to be an innocent heart. Behind the scene he was devastating everything. His father , brother , Sheik , his boyhood friend even his mother became the victim of his killing policy.
Historians interpreted Sulthan Thuglaq in diverse ways. So we become clueless in between every lines. Because some say he didn't kill his father and brother, some say he did it in cold blooded.
No matter what happens in others texts , here in Karnads' version , at one point Thuglaq admits his parricide deed. So here Karnads version says Thuglaq was a man of contrast where he do things out of first impression but ends up with a terrible note.

Then consequently he becomes a fool and at the same time he becomes a cruel King.
Anyway here Karnad recounts the intelligent side of the Sulthan also, saying he was a man of chess, well versed in the holy Quran , he reads Arabic and Greek literature and so on.

I appreciate Sulthan because he had a mind of religious tolerance and that's all about the highlight of the play, I presume. But he was unable to implement it wisely. He failed his ideals by being a Poor dictator.

His foolishness found no bounds sometimes,,? He equaled the value of gold and silver coin with that of copper coin where people introduced fake coins thereby invited a huge loss to the treasury. Bribing enemies to not attack him, Unwanted shifting of Capitals frequently and its never-ending.

The dark side is all about the impeccable actions of other danger people like Azam and Aziz. They loot all the money, became unkind to a lady with an ailing child. Fool Sulthan with various disguises for money.

Moreover Sulthan political anarchy can be seen in his tactics in killing Shaik and his boyhood friend. He suppressed the protests from people and silenced everyone who co.e across his fury.

In the end the play finishes with the waking up of Sulthan from an unexpected sleep during the prayer time.

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