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Every small walking tour is indeed a therapy to heal my feeble mind. Its a universal fact that whenever we go out, from the tiresome stressing situations that may occur inside the four walls of our domesticity or or other circumstances, It eases away as we walk sensing new experiences around us. Our mind always go for interesting and happy giving facts wherever we are. So,here with small walking tours we can have a healthier habbit of nurturing a flexible mentality thereby a happy life is awaiting us.

So at the time of pressure moments I usually go out to see the vast tea plantations near to our home and it gives a unique kind of easiness as I walk through its greenish 'aisles'. Its never-ending scenary often bring my mind to an infinite world of pleasure where I smile with my heart. We have a Dam too, not very far, surrounded by tea plantations and when I there I feel like I am the greatest philosopher of the world. Because I philosophise my present uneasy moments in the light of a hard past. Future means nothing to me but a hope. And I work for that hope with my limited dreams.


Anayirangal Dam is one of the famous Dam in our village area. Probably not known to the outer world. Anyway I presume you might have heard about the famous hill station called Munnar. Its a famous one and we are living almost thirty kilometer from there, exactly having almost the same landscapes as Munnar has. We have spice planations, some secret tourist destinations that only the local people know and a couple of Dams.


With my friend I usually go there on every weekends and we plans things out regarding the tourist matters. W worked together in a hospitality industry before near to the dam and we usually went there with foreign guests and had some walks.

Then there goes the talk regarding the Dam and tea garden and we exchange our ideas one another all through the walking tour.

After resigning from the hospitality field we frequently go to the dam frequently, and knit out dreams on tourism industry.


Anyway we will be into action sooner and the thing is that, the terrific views that will take your breath away I'm sure. If you come to Munnar dont miss a small walk through the plantations. Once it was a ruled by the British hands and their farsighted supervision, though it's for their profit, now end up in favouring our landscape and a living.

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