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What will happen if you push someone to do something out of your immature curiosity, instead of persuasion. The answer is simple and you guessed it right. It's something about my tale, better call it a disastrous tale. I met a famous English Writer from UK during my time in a hospitality field and he was very nice and friendly to me. We didn't exchange that much conversations but we had something in "common". Actually it was my friend who introduced me before him and since then I messaged him on some social media platforms. I capitalised his "keep in touch" replays with great enthusiasm.

I had some write ups with me and I called it a story but later realised that it was a blunder. I requestd him to publish it and after that I went to my room dreaming about my credibility after publishing a stuff, by a UK based writer..Oh dear I was actually building castles in the air at the same time I was being little bit pushy which made everything upside down.

By doing that I was reinstating the Englishs' impression on Indians that they were always pushy and demanding. The point is that he read some excerpts of it and found it utter foolishness. He mailed me pointing out the false interpretations that I made. here it goes..

Dear ******

I haven’t had time to read in detail all the material that you posted and I doubt that I shall have, but I wanted to give you some general advice, based on a quick study of your writing.

First it’s important to say that I think you can write. A very distinguished editor once said to me that the world is divided into people who can write and people who can’t and the good news is that (in my opinion) you fall on the right side of that line!

However, the bad news is that I think that the material you asked me to look at is a LONG way from being publishable. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. You know that you can write and because of that some of it is a bit self-conscious and “overwritten”. You are sometimes trying too hard. And I suspect you are leaving passages in because you like the way you have written them, without asking yourself whether they are really contributing to the overall puprpose. I remember myself that I had to cut all sorts of stuff that was beautifully written but ultimately irrelevant and a dilution of the story that I wanted to tell.
2. And that links to the other main criticism. I don’t think you have stood back from it and asked yourself: “What is this really about? What is the story that I want to tell? Why am I telling it? Who do I expect to read it? And how am I going to hold their attention?” I really don’t know - from what I have read - what the answers to those questions are. A lot of the material lacks focus. Events that have happened to you won’t interest strangers reading your material simply because they have happened or because they have made to happy or angry or whatever – only if you have turned them into a compelling story. Anything which is irrelevant to that story or which slows it down might need to go. If you want it to be publishable, it has to add up to much more than “a few things you wanted to get off your chest”, as we say in England (do you have that expression?).
3. The tone is also a bit “one note” and often – I hope you won’t mind me saying this - a bit self-centred, even self-pitying. Try to lighten the tone with a bit of humour. It’s much easier to keep a reader with you, if you, the writer, can see the funny side of your bad experiences.
4. Some of the dialogue reads very well and definitely has the ring of truth, but try to make sure you are including it for a purpose (to add in some way to the story) not just because you have a vivid recall of it. Also try to give each “character” a distinctive voice.
5. Some of it is so direct and dealing with real-live, identifiable people who may come to read it, that you need to consider its impact on future relationships, even the legal (libel) implications.

There you are… a few thoughts for you to take or leave. But I wish you luck, You have a talent. It just needs a good deal more work and self-discipline before people will be queueing up to read you!.

Best wishes *****


After that everything was calm and quite. But again my disgusting curiosity rose with all bad tunes. I requested him with another one and found him cold. Everything turned upside down and my apologies never found any positive result. Still it goes on and I regret for that and I badly missed a precious friendship.

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