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Life has nothing to offer in a College classroom except some sharings. But I was in the dark of everything when I stepped into the classroom for the first time. I was clueless and nervous about how my students will react to my humble lectures since I was suffering from some voice disabilities.

I tried a lot but I couldn't change myself and in the end I realised that that was my reality. It was very hard to accept it and I usually share such diplorabilitues with my foreign guest. I had been working for a hospitality industry for some months. Everyone encouraged me and one Mr.Peter who frequently email me enquiring my wellness.
When I shared my thoughts with him regarding my voice and the college campus he gave a simple advise and let me show you guys the email...


Thank you for your email - It sounds as though you are very busy ! I am glad you had encouragement from Patrick ; it sounded helpful .

It is very cold here now -2 degrees centigrade, so we miss the warmth of India .

A few random points below , in the spirit of trying to help/encourage

Perhaps you should consider the situation of a student sitting at the back of your lecture room , very interested in what you are saying- because you explain things in a relevant and interesting way - but she can’t quite hear you. So she will leave the lecture , only having heard part of it . Therefore when you talk , pretend that you are talking just to her . This might help you to put more volume . I am not keen on public speaking myself , but sometimes have to do it . I was always taught to speak to people at the back of the room .

If you can find a voice coach , or have singing lessons, this should help your voice to become stronger .

You could also, maybe, consider doing some voluntary part-time teaching in a small school - to get you started.

I don’t know One More Day , but will have a look at it .

The other books you mention are very famous old English literature , and I have not read very much of that . Shakespeare comes from a town 20 km. from where we live. Shakespeare is responsible for many standard English sayings still in use today, and we studied him at school . A very classic book which I also studied ( and enjoyed ) at school, is Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope.

The Bollywood film I mentioned is called Hindi Medium ( not English Medium)

Best wishes, and have a nice week-end.



So that's it and since then I tried his encouraging words as my success mantra. Still now he keep advising my improvements and give a lot advise and information about English. I wonder why he used 'she' in the classrooms example anyway I liked the way he executed it with great psychological approach.

Classes are still ongoing with randomly ordered manner..just kidding. but that's the fact.

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