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Evening walks Have already become a regular spiritual ritual for me. It's been three months. So I'm enjoying every moments and cherish every single chit chats with my guests.
Peter was seventyfive year old young to me all through the trucking . His soulmate , almost look like Queen Elizebeth II, smiled whenever I conveyed my words regarding those 'historical' greenery.The Hill station seemed a European empire for some days because it found UK occupants more than usual.
"If You Are Not a Liberal at 25, You Have No Heart. If You Are Not a Conservative at 35 You Have No Brain" Is that it sir ? I googled it yesterday and I got it " I was all in curious as I said it to Peter today.
"Oh Brilliant ..!! oh its exactly what it is, perfect .." Peter was surprised at it cause he tried a lot yesterday to find the exact one but he couldn't.
The other couple, Allasop family, joined our conversations with all curiosity and when they asked us why , Peter explained everything that had happened yesterday evening.
"Sir actually do you know Lord Levy ? , Michael Lord Levy ? I asked them to help them to get to the actual point. Otherwise they would think something of me cause I suddenly drawn them to the topic of Labour and conservative from the naturalist stuffs.
"Oh We know " the other guest said abruptly and continued " you should have done something in his curry ? " Everyone laughed at this joke and I joined them but actually I didn't get him first . May be they support conservative doctrines.
He was all political yesterday and althrough the walk we exchanged our countries' political systems that seemed so ridiculous even to us when we see it from a different perspective.
"You know what actually conservative and Labour parties in England. if not I will tell you " Peter started to be very critical and I was all ears then.
" You know in England Labour partys' mode of dealings with people is not that much great. They do all the good things like funding people to be independent , give bonus and all other liberal concessions to people. That's ..uh..for a mother after giving birth to a child , Labour government gives the provision free wage and such kind of free provisions are plenty there ..and from my point of view , as a result of it people become LAZY...LAZY.."
He then started stressing on the word LAZY and it continued althrough the conversations.
"I am not against their liberal leftist socialist policies but we got to forsee things before it gets worse. But here what's happening is , on account of some liberal concessions Labour party is pushing the country into debt"
"so ..frankly I am not supporting Labour policies.But you know the case of conservative party they do not give such free gifts but help others to be independent."
Peter's face became so dramatic cause he was using his body movements and gestures to make me understand the situations. I was all ears to him

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