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Have you guys ever been to walking tours, truckings ? Its a special feeling for us to be a part of such tours. As a tour guide we should give proper outline of the places the we visit and if some communication error happens there, everthing would go upside down.Even it would affect the physical or mental stability of the tourist. One day while I was on a trucking, I got some bitter experience where I failed to convey proper directions. I had to face severe criticism from a North indian family and from thereo on, I became very careful about such. Anyway it worths sharing here so that others can take up a lession rearding such tour programs. But what happened inbetween is clueless, about mine , I did a good explanation but something somewhere went wrong.

Terrible days lead to some crazy moods and today, still I can hear some spontaneous buzzing sounds from nowhere. I curse this day for no reason. Cause my justification wouldn't find any desired results but I end up today with some severe critical criticism from that North Indian lady.

"You are a bad guide cause you should have told us about the steep climbs both ups and down" Her face seemed to be so red and her spouse was keep calling me bad words and cursing the innocent path.

"f**g path said this is somewhat manageable ...f**g ...Oh dear ...You.... " He was keep saying some intolerable words as he hold on my hand."

I had alredy told them about the paths condition moreover, on halfway I suggested them that , they could go back if they were not okay and our team would be picking them up to get to the Dolmen site.

" On half way....? we are already stucked inbetween so we are into it anyway" She and her man said in unison. I was helpless at it cause I was in the dark actually.

His rude "f**g " comments made me so irritated. Moreover his daughter was also there , listening to all his mad preachings. How could a father be so mean before his daughter. It seemed to be the"f**g" expression as a fashionable stuff for him so he went on and on and on with every rude tones.

"This is not right sir, I had already warned about the path and given the alternative solution but you were adamant"

"Oh on half way ..? " his wife started singing the same song along with him.So I stopped justifying everything and switched on to a humble mode . I said million apologies but they shut their ears before me. Other guests were also there and they helpelessly watched his rude actions out of his rotton mouth.They got an Indian story of a Bloody North Indian saga...Cause After the walk the German couple came into the reception area and appreciated my guiding.
"Thank you so much for the walk" He said.

"But it ended in a sad note sir" I replayed him. But his words were so releaving ,he said...

"It's okay...some people are like that. We actually didn't like that persons' behaviour."

I was so happy to hear him before my manager. Atleast I got a sincere proof to prove myself so innocent. I extended my gratitude to them.

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