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"What about the title, Peeping into the room of a transgender" one of my colleague exclaimed before that dinner table with all emotional excitement. He was keep laughing and after a moment of silence the dining hall burst into laugh. We hardly heard the roars of rain amidst our heated discussions on some super trivial topics. It's all about some absurdities and by then we had already been started to find new pasture lands for such with all simple serious moods.

" I can give some pictures posing like a peeping Tom though," another professor said. It seemed our laughs never-ending and I too laughed without any limits. Laughing with our heart means we enjoyed being some company with out any prejudiced notions.

Before being a laughing stock in front my fellow professors we were seriously discussing about what the third gender is all about. What it is actually. I was never been to such topics before .

'' Actually they are .." one of our colluage started explaining its Nick and cranny. Everybody was dead curious at it and I don't know why. May be a sympathetical syndrome about their pathetic situations. May be out of curious factor, to know more about their being.

They are the victim's of some chromosomal imbalance, some xx , xy stuffs moreover some xxy matters. Out of some sociocultural impacts sometimes. His lecture went on and on and on with no twists and turns but only had some blizzare points. But its informative and interesting.

While his explanations getting at its prime to his people, my mind went back to an incident that I had when I was in Malabar. I was wandering through the streets, looking for a room. It's almost two 'o' clock in the morning. It's was raining all thr night, consequently it made my search so hard but I was determined to find one anyway. The street lights seemed so dizzy, scooped altogether in all sad feelings. It's eyes found the sadness of that night so far so that some had already shut their eyes for good I presume.
As I was waking pass by a bus stop I noticed someone was standing there. It's a lady actually and my guess was right. It's a transgender.

"Shuh ! " she gestured me to stop and said.
"Would you mind if we have some talks"?
I didn't mind her and resumed my walk briskly. She called me again but I walked away from her. On the way I saw more than a couple of them, especially in the bus stops.

Here the story ended after some doubts. Then they started making some absured stuffs for every single souls out there and it served equally among us, no more partialities and that's our policy though. It was my turn to be fooled but I loved it. It's all about some time pass and another colleague said "guys ! careful this guy may be make us a theme for his next article. It might be " Professors peeping into transgenders' room " Everyone laughed so did I.

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