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"The providential Lichen in the Cheruthoni Dam" That would be his next project I presume and I am sure about that. no ? " One professor retorted with all exhilarating laughs.
Dining Hall never never ever be a dissapointing one since I reached there. Life as a lecturer there started a profusuon of funny challenges, especially being with my hostelites.Moreover Its all terribly lively than any live stuffs that I have seen in my life. The cracking jocks made the room so divine , no doubt about that.

"It's been raining since June and its never ending. Trrible ! because even the Cheruthoni Dam couldn't resist the fury of this mansoons' rain. Flood attacks in the lower reaches of my state made everything at sixth and seventh. There made a plenty of relief camps. This centuries' flood " there went the news and helping hands from centre and the Dravida world.
So the shutters of Cheruthoni dam opened after a long time, almost three decades, long time !. Diplorably it worsened the situation,made the lower reaches suffer with massive flood.
Still its raining outside. Downpour...Oh dear what on earth is happening here. Deluge ! May be anytime. My thoughts went on a terrible journey as the rain made roars outside.

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