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"Water is everywhere! what on earth is happening here I have never seen such a terrible sight in my life. Moreover being a real victim of such horrific scenes I could say nothing about it because it's all about a terrible feeling, not that terrible but somewhat. It'd been five terrible days, in a hostel with my fellow colleagues.

In a way it's simply some exaggerated mad words to some but when it comes to know about the overall horrific situation of flooded Kerala moreover the diplorable sights that I have just seen on my way back home made me to sympathise in an extreme way with all the affected.
We were in the safe hills of the college campus, were stuck deplorably without having any proper basic needs. No more water, electricity. Our hostel was our only island where the floor completely invaded by the lavas of life. At the same time our neighbouring hostels too found these days so horrible, not knowing what to do. We had to face some forceful kind of push from some part,to leave behind our shelter home without any considerations. Our authority is honorouble and I appreciate what they did in such adverse situations but behind the scene..I have some doubts. May be thats life, some bitter lessions where you realise some grim realities.

lecturer stuffs have already been completed three decisive months, precisely from the very first month of Mansoon. I don't know but I could remember the rainy matters that had made a randomly ordered race till date.

We usually made some walking tours to the city amidst the heavy rain. We found the river slowly getting furious and after filming it we came back. We cracked jocks on our way back to hostel. My colleagues were all set to go to their homes but suddenly everything turned upside down. Over midnight the river overflowed with all wildness.
One of the block in college suddenly turned into a shelter home with almost two hundred people. Then there came food,water and all other basic needs,from the part of many associations , some individual contributions and so on.
We had the food from the relief camp last night dinner. We three but no one else were there. Students left already,thus came the light ,water and everything, I wondered.

Five terrible days. Today we left for our home leaving the hostel, the last refugees of the hostel.

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