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"Atleast flood united all the differences", there goes the message everywhere in Kerala. Yes it is and that's what happened last week and now it's happening with all emotional sentiments.

There came many helping hands like , our states' Fishermen , army from the centre , people from other states , even from UAE and that's what it is about the love and care that our state had invested and had in its store.

Love and brotherhood was there with all severe feelings and it badly needed some severe situations to take its real form and it spreaded swiftly than even the rage of flood. Even the flood couldn't resist our heartfelt helping mentalities that we have been showing irrespective of all distinctions, thats why it retreated to its respective camps and I would love to consider like that.

Kind people are there though some does help stuffs out of the need for recognition and and is also suffering from 'look at me attitudes' but atleast it can ease the cries of a stomach anyway. Here we hardly see any helps that goes along with the lines from the Holy Bible " don't let your right hand knows what your left hand is doing" because today situations badly went after some selfish possessions that never going to make them humble when they pass before a begger in a desolated street. But atleast this type can be some specific reasons to throw away the hunger needs of the needy whether it is from some wild recognition needs or something. That's the point here because I have to recount such because they badly deserve sone recognition and then only , in future , it reappears and the cries could find its way to its basic needs.

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