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I am sadomasochist in a good sense and I mean it by all means by saying that I am a sadist come masochist. Because it's a post structural world and whatever I say in any grounds is valid. Atleast I could value my blabberings and I will. I see the societal matters through the light of my experiences and I usually juxtapose it with others visible ones and I analyse it accordingly. Instead I am no one to inflict my own views on anyone and that's superbly rude. Atleast say we are never been into such so far so that we got little say regarding to the matter.

Deviations are natural cause here we got to talk about sadomasochism. I remember reading famous Paulo Coelho's Eleven minutes and what the protogonists' stance on it. She is being taught what actually the real pleasure of being blissful after being pushed into the limits of pain. Her dreams and ancient promises shattered after being an unfortunate whore but she found new paradigms in sacrifices. She learned to embrace the pleasure through pain. But her man of that moment, I would say a visionary, advises her that don't love such after her heart cause its a great addition. No more escape from there.Didn't you get the point guys, yes its a kind of hardcore one , but not in that sense, but actually that's it.
He admonishes Maria that its a strong dope so beware. But he's indeed a visionary to our life I would say it thousand times. A true definition to sexuality takes new dimensions there.

Self sacrifice , through such we will be rescued ? What is your stand in that ?
Humanity learned since time immemorial that if they could overcome pain it consequently leads to freedom. How come ? Let me refer some points from Paulo Coelho , People of Egypt ,Rome , Persia thought that through self sacrifice they could protect their country in all means. In China the Emporer is punished whenever the country is get affected by natural disasters. Because he was the man of God. In Greece strong men whipped once a year, which was also cinsiderd to please the Artise Goddess and the whipping often started from dawn to dusk. It's just an inception to the war world.

In Alexandria some priests used whipping as a means to get the evil out of people's body. So now what ? Does it make any sense?

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